Interesting places – maturitní otázka z angličtiny

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  Otázka: Interesting places

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Terkys




Stonehenge is probably the best known monolitic monument located in Wiltshire county in England. Stonehenge is composed of a circle of large standing stones surrounded by smaller bluestones.

The purpose of this monument is unknown yet, but there are various legends and theories. In 17th century architect John Webb believed Stonehenge to be a roman temple dedicated to Caelus. The most popular theory these days is that Stonehenge is a monumental calendar. In 2008 a new theory (or speculation) of Stonehenge as a healing site appeared.


Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle was built by William the Conqueror in 11th century. During the 13th and 14th century the originally wooden fort was rebuilt into much larger and more spectacular royal palace. It is the official residence of the Queen and the largest and oldest continually occupied castle in the Word


Liverpool Cathedral

is the Church of England, built on St James’s Mount in Liverpool and is the seat of the Bishop of Liverpool.. Liverpool Cathedral ranks as the fifth-largest cathedral in the world[1] and contests the title of largest Anglican.


The lake district

The Lake District, is a mountainous region in North West England. It is a popular holiday destination, it is famous not only for its lakes, forests and mountains, but also for its associations with the early 19th century poetry (William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Robert Southey). The highest mountain in the Lake district is Scafell Pike (978 m).


Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle was built during Medieval Ages on top of the volcanic Castle Rock. Originally it served as a royal castle until 1603 when Scotland united with England and Ireland with a single ruler. Since then Edinburgh Castle served as a military base.

These days it is  the major tourist attraction in Scotland with more than a million of visitors every year.


Loch ness

Loch Ness is a large, deep, freshwater loch in the Scottish Highlands.  Loch Ness is best known for alleged sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, also known affectionately as „Nessie“. Loch Ness is the second largest Scottish loch by surface area at 56.4 km2  after Loch Lomond, but due to its great depth, it is the largest by volume.


The Giant’s Causeway

Is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption. It consists of over 40,000 massive black columns.

In Irish mythology, it was built by a giant to cross the sea to Scotland.

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