Is The Czech Republic an attractive country for tourists?


Otázka: Is The Czech Republic an attractive country for tourists?

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1) General information

be situated/be located/lie

in central Europe-in the middle/centre of Europe-in the middle/centre/heart of the European continent

it borders on Slovakia/it has common borders with Slovakia/its closest neighbours are Slovakia…

in the north/south/east/west

it consists of/it is divided into three parts – Bohemia-Moravia-Silesia

citizens – population – people – inhabitants

the head of state is – the current president is; the official seat – The Prague Castle


2) Geography

The shape of the country is clearly visible on the map because it is mountainous along the borders.

You can find the country on the map easily  there are mountains/mountain ranges.


make/form/create the border, the highest peak/mountain, the whole country, be accessible, on foot, take a cable car, get to the top; a few important rivers

The Šumava, The Vltava, Lake Lipno


3) Language and currency

the official language, a Slavonic language, be quite similar to

the currency, belong to The EU/ be a member of The EU


4) Our republic´s reputation – products and personalities

the town of Plzeň, called Pilsner; the car/automobile brand Skoda

all over the world/in the whole world, can name/mention, infamous


5) Interesting towns

the capital city Prague, the spa town Karlovy Vary, places listed in the UNESCO heritage list

the town of Pardubice, the village of Holašovice

remarkable – picturesque – historic – unique – extraordinary – spectacular – wonderful – unusual – famous – typical – lovely – amazing – memorable

be/become famous for – historic centre/core – attract tourists – offer a lot of sights – be surrounded with fortifications – be named after

church – cathedral – square – bridge – cemetery/graveyard – ruin – tower – former x current


6) Other places of interest

castles – unique buildings – statues – technical monuments – take part in a festival



  • the capital andlargest city of the Czech Republic
  • historical city
  • generally beautiful city with beautiful location (locatedalong the Vitava River)
  • Prague Castle- the official seat of the p. of the CR
  • TheCharles Bridge
  • The Cathedral of Saints Vitus
  • Prague orloj
  • TheNational museum


7) Natural monuments

national parks – mountain treks – rock formations – a cave – a protected area – a reservation

is worth seeing – is a must – belongs to the top 10 sights/natural wonders


8) Recommendations for tourists

level of services – majority of Czechs – level of English – a warning – a good tip

transport – accommodation – food – specialities – typical features

should visit – shouldn´t miss – shouldn´t take the risk – make sure that – it´s better (not) to

in the whole world – one of the best/nicest/most important… – be of Czech origin


Connect your ideas:

both…and – in addition to it – as well as – although – as – for that reason – the last but not least – that´s why – such as – unlike –  generally – particularly – especially –


Add 4)

Although we are a small country, some of our products have created a very good reputation to us, such as beer from the town of Plzeň called Pilsner, or the car/automobile brand Skoda.

There are also several personalities who are famous outside our republic, some of them even all over the world/in the whole world. We can name/mention Jaromír Jágr, a hockey player, Václav Havel, a dramatist and our former president, Miloš Forman, an Oscar film director, and last but not least professor Wichterle who invented contact lenses. Generally, we can be proud of great sportsmen, artists and clever brains. Some of which invented also the infamous semtex and brought a new meaning to the word “tunnel” – a metaphor for a way of stealing money from banks and companies.



  • However
  • Anyway
  • Although
  • It is worth visiting
  • Whereas, without doubts
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