Jobs and professions – otázka z angličtiny (2)


Otázka: Jobs and professions

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): marketkabal



Types of jobs

Physical work = blue collar workers

  • Manual jobs
  • Shorter education – usually secondary vocational schools, sometimes graduation exam needed


Mental work = white collar workers

  • At least secondary school + graduation exam
  • University – from 3 up to 6y
    • humanistic sphere – historian, language teacher, philosophers,…
    • technical sphere – (architects, machine engineers, electrotechnical engineers etc)
    • natural science – (biologists, chemists, vets etc)
    • art jobs – actors, dancers, painters…


Jobs for women:

  • cleaning lady, teacher in nursery school…

Jobs for men:

  • undertaker, carpenter, mechanic, electrician, pilot

Difference also in education, salary/wage


My plans and future career…

The best/worst job for me…

When I was small I wanted to be…


Applying for a  job

CV – curriculum vitae

  • Chronological, just verb phrases
  • Type-written
  • Brief and clear
  • NO – details, marriage, kids,…
  • INCLUDE – name, date of birth, education, other courses, employment, skills, interests, travel, references, email, phone number



  • Short, clear, more details than CV



  • Suitable clothes, …


Vocabulary – Jobs and professions

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