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Jobs can be divided into many groups. First one is divided into manual work and brainwork. If you work by your hands and you need to be strong, you do manual work. If you need to be smart and have new ideas, think about something and so on, I mean when you don’t have to work by hands, you do brainwork.

The next classification of jobs is according to where you work, in which sector. You can work in the public sector, which means you work in a state sector company. These companies and organizations are under control of government and they provide public services. If you work in the private sector, you work for private company or organization.

You can work in the primer, secondary sector, tertiary sector and in quaternary. Primer sector is agriculture, fishing, mining and heavy industry. Secondary sector is transport and light industry. Most people in highly developed countries work in the tertiary sector which includes services like education, healthcare, IT and so on.

White-collars jobs are “behind a desk” and office jobs, simply all kinds of jobs in which you have to do brainwork. It is because of white shirt, suit, black shoes and a tie for men or a white blouse, ladies jacket, dark trousers or skirt and heeled shoes for women. Blue-collars jobs are jobs where physical work is requested, people may be called like that because of typical working clothes. It is because of blue uniforms of manual workers.

You might look for work in the newspaper or on the internet by reading advertisements, this is the most common way how people look for jobs. When you find a good one which you like, you need to send them your CV where are detailed information about you, about your education, qualification, abilities etc. In case you are chosen, the company contacts you and you are invited for an interview. You should dress nicely and behave naturally. You shouldn’t lie during your interview. When you are successful and you get the job, you need to sign A Contract of Employment where is written the first day of your work, kind of job and where the job is done. Then you need to talk about the salary, working hours and other stuff with your boss, or often they just tell you how it’s going to be.

We can divide employment contracts into two groups which are divided too. The first group are contracts for a fixed period and for an indefinite period. In the first case you know the length of working time and the second one is opened. If you work only for a short time, for example during summer vacation, you have a seasonal job. In other cases you do a regular job.

Part-time job is a job when you don’t need to work full hours. This job is good for students or for active seniors. In full-time job you have to fulfill all working conditions.

An unemployed person is somebody who is not working but who is often trying to look for a new job. Unemployment has negative effect on an individual and on the whole society too. As an unemployed person you have to lower your standards of living and get used to living modestly. By being unemployed for a long time people tend to lose qualification so then it is harder for them to find a new job.

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