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Hi Mark,

It was a long time ago when I wrote to you. But I have new memories so I must tell you about them. You wouldn’t trust it but right now I’m in Korea in Seoul on my language course. It’s a little bit hard because of their language, you know they don’t use Latin letters but it’s called “Hangul”. We have one hotel with breakfasts, lunches and dinners. There are a lot of foreign people too. We have 3 hours in the morning to learn Hangul and then we get to know the city.

I really like their ideas of knowing the city because we can try to speak with people in real life. It’s funny because I can’t speak very well but Korean people think that I’m a born Korean. They are really kind and sweet, but my back hurts from bowing down. You know when you thank them.

We’ve been here for 3 days now and I visited a lot of beautiful places. For example we tried karaoke and went to a lot of cafes and of course visited monuments. I think that I spend a lot of money here.

It’s a course for a month so I have a lot of time to enjoy this city and learn the Korean language. Of course I’ll buy you a souvenir, just tell me what you want. I want to go with my friends on a night walk around the river Han. And maybe borrow a bike and ride in parks or somewhere else. I’ll tell you again in some time.


With love


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