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Libraries in Great Britain

  • Almost every town in Britain has a public library.
  • The British Library in London is the largest in Great Britain. There are over 150 million items in all known languages and formats (books, newspapers, magazines, music recordings, maps …). Every published book must be sent to this library. Other important libraries include Libraries of Scotland and Wales.
  • Public libraries are often open until the evening during the week and on Saturdays, and in the US even on Sunday. Librariens manage the libraries and advise people how to find the books or information they need.


Libraries in the Czech Republic

  • Private or public, national or regional or local, according specialization, general or professional.
  • The main library in the C.R. Is the National library in Prague.



  • People who are membres of the library can borrowed for a period of ……..weeks.
  • You have to have a library card.
  • If a book is returned late, the borrower has to pay a fine.
  • Libraries have a computer with acces to the Internet.
  • Many libraries have a special programmes for children.
  • They organize storytelling and other entertainments.


  • Travelling libraries (libraries set up inside large vans )take books round country areas for people who cannot easily get to a town.
    In the US travelling libraries are called bookmobiles.


  • Schools, colleges and univeristies have their own private libraries for student and teachers.
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