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Otázka: Mass media

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Enabler



Media are kinds of comunnication. Communication is a proces sof sending and receiving information. A few centuries ago, people could have speak only a few kinds of communication. They could have speak to each other or communicated by smoke signals. Later on, poeple started make up a new kinds of communication. Nowadays the most ussual for communication are mass media. We have got 4 main media – newspapers,radio,TV and the newest internet. People use these media every day and we can’t live without it. Media are very important for us. They give us a lot of informations about what happend home and in the World. Mass media are tools for share information, for education and for fun.



The most famous are newspapers. It’s the oldest kind of media and we can say that they are nowadays a little old-fashioned but newspapers have some own magic. We can read some newspapers on a internet. We can read news what happend home and in the World, interview with famous people, advertisement and there are colummes about culture, economics, sports and etc.

The main kinds of newspapers are:

  • Broad Sheets – seriously news with more details and with true facts, newspapers for bussinesmans and for people who don’t like blabs

-Broad sheets are diales or weekles

– MF DNES, Lidové noviny, The Daily Telegraph

  • Tabloits – smaller pages, lots of colours, large tittles, simply language, many blabs and goosip about celebrites, short articles and many photos

-Blesk,Aha!,The Sun

-Tabloits are diales or weekles

  • Special magazines – smaller pages, are more expensive than broad sheets because are print on the better papers, are interesting on one special things (very famous are about cars, computers), for education



I listen radio in a car or when I’m cooking. Radio is still very popular because we can listen radio 24 hours a day. We can listen music, important information about traffic, news or interview with traveler (f.ex. Impuls and Jirka Kolbaba). There is a lot of radio station and we can listen all kinds of music.



TV has a very important place in our lives. Everybody have a TV at home. In Czech republic we have got 2 kinds of TV station. First public TV station is Česká Televize and two commercials TV station – NOVA and PRIMA. Public services have less advertisements and news reports aren’t as action as in commercials stations.  Our only public station have many channels:

ČT 2 is for demanding  people, there are documentaries or concert recordings or education tv shows.

ČT 4 is only about sports, we can watch many matches several sports, there are interview with sportsmen and many others

ČT 24 is like broad sheets, we can watch news reports  24 hours a day. It’s  specialised about policy and we can watch what happend at home or in the World.



Internet is nowadays the most usefull medium on the Word. W can communicate with people from far far away. On the internet we can find all kinds od medium. We can watch internet tv, read many newspapers or listen radio. Nowadays each TV stations,radio or newspapers have thein own websites. On the internet we can find the most actualy information,we can find more information from others sources. But internet can be very dangerous too. On the internet is a lot of people from all the World and there can be some murders or other dangerous people. We can find a lot of instruction how to make a bomb or how to kill myself. Internet is very dangerous for kids and we must protect kinds before bad influenc.

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