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Otázka: Means of transport

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): polaja



The cheapest is travelling on foot. Longer walk in the surroundings or a trip can be called travelling. For shorter distances the bicycle is good choice because is relatively quick, economical and environment friendly. You can travel by motorbike, which is convenient in summer.

People travel by car, bus, coach (bus between cities), train, plain or boat. Water lovers can choose from a yacht, liner or ferry. Public transport – streetcars (tramways, trolleys), tube/subway, taxi, bus


City transport

  • VOCAULARY: inspector, commute, change, peak hour, bus pass


  • ADVANTAGE:  independent, quick, comfortable, sufficient space for luggage, you can stop where you want, you can change your journey plan
  • DISADVANTAGE: expensive, dangerous traffic, break speed limits, irresponsible drivers (alcohol, drugs, aggressive behaviour, rude), great number of dead people


  • for us it´s only way to get to work, link all major cities and villages
  • special price for students or old people
  • modern buses are comfortable/old buses are slow, uncomfortable, sometimes not punctual and very crowded
  • VOCABULARY: take a bus, to get on/off


  • cheap, you can rest while travelling, restaurant car, sleeper car, new trains are faster, cleanerand more reliable, you avoid traffic jams/less comfortable than flying or travelling by car,
  • sometimes you have to change or wait for a connection
  • Czech trains are often late, dirty, almost no difference between first and second class


  • ADVANTAGE: comfortable, fast, safe (tragically), service
  • DISADVANTAGE: little space, in advance (v předstihu), luggage limit, no phones, turbulences


Words for topic of flying – plane ticket, airport, seat, passport control, departures hall, steward, crew, custom service, cancelled, delayed, landing




  • People travel, because they want to improve their language skills, know foreign culture,cuisine, traditions, habits and mentality.
  • People also travel because of job opportunities or on business.
  • They want to see some interesting places and sights (chateaux, castles, palaces, ruins of castles, churches, natural monuments).
  • Young people travel because of studying in some university in UK or USA. Travelling broadens horizons.


Tourism IN the Country

  • + : entrance fee, help economy, recommend the country, make culture richer
  • – : vandals, destroy, pickpocketing, too many tourist => destroy nature, noisy, dangerous for



There are a lot of kinds of holiday. Some people prefer relaxing holiday, so they just go to the sea and sunbathing or they visit some spa. Other people like adventure holiday – they visit some foreign country to learn about new nation, culture, cuisine or language. Most of people like travelling because of sightseeing. People can spend holiday in Africa like voluntaries, where they can help with building schools or hospitals. You can also go camping with friends but it´s not comfortable when it´s raining.

Guided tour = part of the holiday, with guide

Package tour = everything is included (bus accommodation)

Abroad: you need passport, medical insurance, first aid kit and map


Typical Czech souvenirs:

  • Bohemian cut glass, jewellery, special cheese or wine or another alcohol



  • You can use your own travel
  • You can use travel agency
    • everything is included
    • They have list of destination, dates and prices, so you can easily choose want you want and what you can afford
    • DISADVANTAGE: if you choose bad agency, you can lost your money, because of this, that the agency can break down


TYPE OF ACCOMODATION: We have a lot of tape of accommodation in foreign countries. The Hotel is the most comfortable of all. The other types of accommodation are: apartment, hostel, caravan, tent, motel (only basic accom.). botel. The most interesting and comfortable type of accommodation is a cruise ship, but it is very expensive.


HOTEL:Hotels are valuated with stars. Hotel which has 5 stars is the most comfortable, and possibly the most expensive. You can book bunk, single, double or twin room. In comfortable hotel are a lot of staffs (cleaner, receptionist, chef, valet (park car), maid (she cared about you). Of course the accommodation is cheaper of season then in season.


Typical transport in London, New York

In London we can see Double Decker. It is in fact two floor bus and it has got a typical red color. In the past these buses were used for routine transport but now serve more as a tourist attraction.

-Other famous type of transport in London is a taxi called black cab because it has a black color. Travelling by black cab is more expensive that by our taxi because you don’t pay for the distance but for time that you spend in the car and in London there are big traffic jams. Most use transport in London is underground the oldest one in the world.

-New York is famous for its yellow taxis and for the biggest widespread network of underground in the world, but NY is also famous for rude drivers.

-People in USA use cars more than we do. It´s because lot of them live in deserted places, so they need connection with the rest of the community, they need to drive to school and job or to the shop. Also airplanes are more used, because of long distances, it´s not so easy to get from one side of USA to the opposite, as in Czech Republic.

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