Money matters – otázka z angličtiny (3)



Otázka: Money matters

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): sabuse


Definition – anything generally accepted as a means of paying for goods and services

Function – we exchange (swap) goods and services for money, it means to make transactions and it gives value to everything


History of money – before money people used barter system, people were making things and exchanging them for goods, which made someone else

  • Later people used commodity money – thing that had value, for example – cattle, salt, tobacco, wine
  • Money were made by different materials – gold, silver, sea shells
  • Now we use paper, metal money or plastic credit cards


My attitude to money

  • I must admit that money is important for me because I believe that if I have money I can buy some kind of freedom.
  • I don’t have to rely on other people so much and also allows me to live more comfortable and in some way easier life.


National currencies

  • For example – pounds in England, dollars in USA, euros in many European countries, swiss frank, Czech crown.


Ways how people can pay

  • You can pay with credit card or with cash.
  • I would say that paying with credit card is more comfortable, because you don’t have to look for money in wallet and count it and its also safer because if you lose your credit card its easy to block it, so no one can steal your money.


How can people get money

There are two main ways – illegally or legally.

  • Legally – People are working, and they get paid for it, for their time, abilities, done work and then after many years of working people retire and get money monthly from state, also people who are mentally or physically handicapped are getting money from state. There are also lucky people who inherited some money or won lottery.
  • Young people are usually getting money from their parents. You can also take a loan or borrow money from someone, but then you have to pay interest rate.


How people save or invest money

  • People can save part of their salary, because they might need it sometimes, or they want to go on holiday.
  • They also can buy something with high value (gold for example) or buy house or flat and then they can rent it, they can invest into some company and buy rate in it, so then they have money if the company is successful.
  • Parents save for their kid education.



  • Institutions which deal with money and provide other financial services, buy and sell money.
  • Types of bank account – current (for paying debit card and bills, low interest), saving and deposits (long term deposits usually have higher interest.
  • ATM – automatic teller machine



  • Salery – výplata
  • In cash/by card
  • Tax – daň, fare – jízdné
  • Steal – ukrást
  • Pension- důchod
  • to inherit – zdědit
  • ATM – bankomat
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