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Otázka: Shopping and services

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): koka


Shopping is part of our lives. Some people enjoy it, others hate it. But we all have to do it from time to time.  Nowadays there are known many ways how to shop.  The two basic ones are stones shops and shopping online. The second way was expanded last year with the beginning of covid pandemic, well there were no other option how to get some new things needed. Both of these ways have its benefits and disadvantages. Online shopping takes less time, you can stay at home in comfort and it can be even cheaper. But on the other hand issues with delivery time can occur. Or when the thing is damaged or doesn’t fulfill our expectations we can complain and return it. But it takes extra time, effort and extra nerves.

Stone shops are here with us since the beginning of time. We would include, for example bakery, where we can buy bread and rolls, florist‘s, greengrocer‘s with fruit and vegetables. In bookshop or newsagent’s we can buy books, magazine. Stationer‘s where we can buy pencils and notebooks. To butcher’s we go to buy pork or chicken. Medicine, shampoo or cosmetics we can buy in chemists. I see the main advantage as the fact that we can see the thing with our own eyes, touch it. Especially when buying clothes and we want to try it on in some fitting room. As a disadvantage I see that products usually tend to be more expensive. Supermarkets have a bit of everything. You can buy there mainly food, but also, drugs, pet food, newspaper or flowers…They also have a long opening hours, sometimes even till ten o’clock. Before going to supermarket it is better to write a shopping list so there is less chance we will forget something. After we arrived to the shop we took a basket if our purchase is smaller or trolley when we need more then a few things. After we get what we want it is time to pay but before we need to put our purchase on shopping reclaim. Then we pay by cash or with card and receive a receipt.

Every single one of us must have seen some billboard, brochure or heard jingle which annoyed him. In this case we are talking about advertising. Some chain shops offer a customer’s card which can, among many other things, provide reduction on price.

Hand in hand with shops there are many ways how to pay for the new things. I would say that paying by card belongs to the most popular. It is quick, comfortable but we could discuss if it is the safest…

In the last millennium started the new trend of building shopping centres which can provide shopping opportunities but also services such as restaurants, cafés, cinemas or hairdressers.

Services may be problematic at some point because working with people can be very difficult job…customers can make complaint and you, as a waitress for instance, must be always nice and willing to the best to make the customer happy. We would concentrate here also services and institution such as banks. Other services would include, for example post office, hair-dresser, barber shop, delivery, dry-cleaner, laundry, removal, photographer’s…

I personally love shopping. My favourite is shopping for clothes because I like fashion. But I also don’t mind buying food. I like to go shopping alone but sometimes I like to go with my friend. The best partner for shopping was my grandpa because he always bought me everything I wanted. I prefer stone shops but during covid pandemic I used to shop online. I must say I don’t have any bad experiences with online shops but I did return something back in the past. In Dobřany I don’t have much choices to shop for clothes so I go for shopping in Pilsen. I think that market in Pilsen is relatively good but still it can’t compare with shops for instance in Prague or in any other main city in Europe. I must say I would love to visit some shop centre in Dubai or in US.


My restaurant

If I had a restaurant it would be more likely some small family business, definitely nothing big. I would open it in my hometown, because the situation around restaurants in here is pathetic, I dare to say. I wouldn’t have many employees as I said, most of them would be my friends. I would like to include my grandma who used to be a cook and she is my example for life not even in cooking but also as a person. I wouldn’t want to cook traditional Czech cuisine, but I would use some of my grandmother’s recipes, which are mostly Czech cuisine. The rest of the meals would be healthier and lightened, maybe vegan, in short something for everyone to choose from. The interior of the restaurant wouldn’t be very modern. I would prefer a lot of wood and airspace with high ceiling, maybe even two floors connected with stairs. Copper tanks with beer should be definitely seen by the bar. If I had a lot of money to create my restaurant, I would like to have a piano here and themed music evenings would be held here. Compared to other restaurants I would have different opening hours. I would open later in the afternoon and I would have been there till 2 am. So it is obvious that my restaurant would be focused rather to groups of young people or pairs without kids. But as I wrote before the type of cuisine wouldn’t by any specific. Maybe I would go out of fact that I would want to serve food which is suitable to eat with alcoholic beverages such as beer/wine.


Vocabulary/Key words

  • chain store-obchodní řetězec
  • off-licence-prodejna alkoholických nápojů
  • hardware shop-železářství
  • bar code-čárový kód
  • convenience food-hotová jídla
  • trolley-nákupní vozík
  • cashier-pokladní
  • queue-fronta
  • shopaholic-člověk posedlý nakupováním
  • give refunds-vracet peníze
  • purchase-zakoupit
  • faulty-vadný
  • label-módní značka
  • eatery-jídelna
  • jingle-znělka
  • counter-pult
  • advertise-dělat reklamu, propagovat
  • receipt-účtenka
  • laundry-prádelna
  • bargain-výhodná koupě


Mind map [PDF]



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