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Otázka: Services and Shopping

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): bilasnezenka



Shopping and Services

Shopping is part of our everyday lives. Some people enjoy it, others hate it. But we all have to do it from time to time. Shopping sometimes bring stress, for instance before Christmas. In that time shops are overcrowded.


There are new shopping opportunities today. There were only small specialised shops in the past. The shop owner or his family stood behind the counter, served the customers and talked to them personally.


Most people do their shoppings in supermarkets. More and more shopping centres are built. You can get there everything under one roof. You can not only buy things there, but also find services like restaurants, cafes, cinemas, hairdresser´s etc. Children can play in the children´s centres there.

There are also specialised shops like bookshops, newsagent´s, where you can buy magazines and newspapers, stationer´s. Where you can buy notebooks and pencils, music shops with CDs and tapes, baker´s with bread, roles and cakes, butcher´s with meat and florist´s. Fruit and vegetables are in greengrocer´s, medicine, shampoo and cosmetics at the chemist´s. Today people visit specialised shops only when they know what they want. They can get much better advice than in big supermarkets.


In most shops there are counters with cash registers. Most of these shops are self-service- shops, where you put your goods into a baskets or a shopping trolleys before you pay. In clothes shops there are fitting rooms. If you buy a tool or a machine, you get receipt with a guarantee. You can pay in cash or with a credit card or cheques. Some chain shops offer you a customer´s card. There are tricks to attract the customers to spend more money than they want. Shop windows must be attractive and they are changed very often. Shops often offer reduction on prices (two for the price of one etc.) It´s difficult only to browse without buying anything. People often buy things which they do not need just because they think they must buy special bargains. But they spend on such things more money than they want to.


There is something very important – advertising. It influences everybody. There is a big offer of everything in the shops, so it is logical that people choose the thing which they saw or heard about.


In some markets, for instance in Italy and Turkey, you can haggle about prices. It is not possible in Czech shops. Paying by credit cards gives you more freedom to buy whatever you want. You can´t see the sum of money going out of your pocket. The result is you spend much more than you need.

In the past shops closed at six o´clock. Today´s supermarkets close at nine or even at ten.

It is useful to make a shopping list of the things you want to buy. It makes the shopping quicker and you do not forget anything.

If you are not satisfied with the goods or services you can always complain at a special office in the shop. There are shopping centres, department stores, hypermarkets and also small specialised shops in our town. Many small shops are on the Upper and on the Lower Square. You can buy anything you like today. In the past shops did not have enough goods and people were not happy about it. Also services and institutions like banks are concentrated there.

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