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Otázka: Money, services and shopping

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1) Definition of money

2) How to earn money

3) How to keep money

4) Currency

5) Shopping

  • a) Types of shops
  • b) Describing a trip to shopping centre
  • c) Payment – how do you pay… why?
  • d) Opinion about shopping and your experience


Money is a current medium of exchange accepted as a payment for goods and services. In history you could only change goods and another goods, so if you were blacksmith and you wanted shoes, you have to exchange them for some of yours goods like horseshoes with a shoemaker. It had to be very difficult to get things which you wanted.


There are many ways how to earn money nowadays.

  • Work – Well-paid and bad-paid works, you have to study if you want better job
  • Trade, loan – mortgage or personal loan, you have to pay small part of loaned money every month, but you have to pay interest, so finally you pay more than you loaned – it is called interest rate = the extra percentage part of money, which earns the bank as its profit
  • Inherit – It is very unhappy, but everyone have pass away. If it is someone, who you hate, it is fine. Sometimes it could be complicated if there are more heirs
  • Win – winning lottery, scratch card, very small chance that you win big money
  • Illegal – you can stole something, but this is another question



How to keep money

  • In the bank – it is not so safety, the bank can go under but it’s better than nothing
    • How to open bank account
  • In properties – if you have enough money it is the best way. It is safety and the price of properties is higher every day, so you don’t lose money. You can rent it, so you have one more income every month
  • At home – It is very dangerous, although you have a safe, because thieves could stole the whole safe and money get out later.



  • most countries has their own currency but there is one exception – EU – most of countries have the main currency Euro. If you want different currency than you have, you can visit exchange office.
  • Great Britain pound (pound sterling) – GBP – main currency in UK and some of their small territories. Officially used from 1990. One pound = 100 pence. One pound = 31,30 CZK
  • United States dollar (dollar,S. dollar, or American dollar) – USD – Official currency in USA and its insular territories per the United States constitution. From 1785. 1 dollar = 25,60 CZK = 100 cent
  • Czech crown (Czech koruna) – CZK – The Czech koruna replaced the Czechoslovak koruna when it was introduced in 1993 after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. 1 CZK = 100 heller. It is possibly that the Czech crown will be replaced by Euro in the near future.
  • Euro – EUR – is officially currency in Eurozone, which consist of 19 of the 28 member states of EU. Euro is used since 2002. 1 EUR = 100 cent = 27,20 CZK.



Types of shops

  • Self-service shops or supermarkets – bigger, you can buy also goods from chemist, clothes shops
  • Hypermarkets – very large, sell all possible kinds of food and house needs
  • Department stores – usually huge buildings, where you can buy almost everything from food to furniture
  • TV shopping – advert on TV, you can phone and they will post you the good – Horst Fuchs
  • Internet shopping – you search an Internet page of some shop and you can find the best prize of all shops on some special pages like, then you order some goods or duties


Describing trip to shopping centre

Payment – credit card, in cash

Opinion about shopping and your experience

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