My best friend


Otázka: My best friend

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Václav Hošek



My best friend is David. He is a guy at my age. He is eighteen years old. We are sportsmen so we always have something to talk about. ” Sport life” it´s our big love. He is my schoolmate so I see him every day.

He lives in Celakovice with his family. He has a small brother. He has a small figure, because his figure is muscular. He has blue eyes. He has same humor like me often laughs at some stupidity so many people can see his big dimples. In the past he used to ware a brace. Because he has got crooked teeth but now they are even. He has got  blond short hair. He has got wide shoulders and muscular stomach because he goes to the fitness. He usually wears jeans and a T-shirt. When he has training day he wears sport trousers and sport jackets.

When I have some problems I can tell him. He is very helpful to me. He is very sincere because he tells what think. He is young but he behaves like an adult. When
It is my birthday or name’s day he buys a small presents or shakes my hand. Many people think that he is silly but I know that he is clever at school and in his life. He is always on time at a meeting. He isn’t any depressed because he is a happy man.

We have nearly the same hobbies. Both of us sometimes go to the fitness. There he is my sports coach. I can ask him for an advice. David understands to sports men.  David loves travelling. He travelled to Russia last year! When we have free time we go to the pub or dance in the disco bar. We both played football before. He also watching football like me. We love this sport! David´s favourites football clubs are Sparta Prague and Spartak Moscow.
That’s one of the few things we don’t agree on because I am big fan of Slavia Prague.  We speak about sports ad beautiful girls. We buy good drinks and have a good time.
He likes watching sports channel program on TV. For example: Olympic games, tennis matches, athletics and bicycling championship and box. His idol Lance Armstrong. At the moment he is reading a books about his lives. At the weekend he spends his free time with his friends or his family.

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