My first Interrail journey – essay



Otázka: My first Interrail journey

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Monika


My journey starts at train station in Prague because I decided to try something different and through the Interrail website I planned a 14-day trip to Paris. I want to travel by train, because I can have a lot of adventure, it´s good for the environment and we are young, so let´s leave the comfort of plane for the older people. It´s my only trip of this summer, so I´m not afraid to invest as much money as it takes to enjoy it. And the last thing, I´m traveling with my friend, because two people always go better and you have somebody to talk to.


First, we had to choose the right Interrail passport. We chose the Interrail global pass for 4 days within one month, because we won´t probably be visiting more than 3 countries during our trip and because we belong to the youth category, we have a discount. So, 1 interrail global pass costs 258 €.


Now, we must find some good train connections from Prague to Paris. The website generated for us train connection with two transfers, one in Berlin and other one in Frankfurt. We liked it, because through this train connection we can leave Prague train station at 16:25 and arrive to Paris in the early hours of the next day.


We are supposed to travel with the first train for four hours and then we will have 39 minutes to change trains. I think that´s enough time and we can even manage to buy food for the next part of the trip to Frankfurt at the station. We will travel another four hours with the second train, but it will be at night for change, so we can sleep. When we arrive at the main train station in Frankfurt, we will have almost 4 hours to transfer and because it will be 02:11 in the morning we can visit a club, which is only 5 minutes walking from the train station. Time in the club will surely go fast and we will have opportunity to stretch a bit from the sitting in the train. At 5:56 the club will probably be closing, and we will have to take the last train to Paris. It will be the only train where we should book a reservation for the seats. In the train we will probably be sleeping again and at time 09:51 we should be in Paris, where we will have arranged accommodation through Airbnb.


We wanted to visit Paris, because of the most famous monuments, the Eiffel tower, the Louvre, the Arch of Triumph, the Notre Dame cathedral, the Versailles, and other places. We also want to have enough time to get to know the city through the eyes of the locals, so we will try to ask local people about not that well known places. That’s why we want to spend.


14 days there. And when we will get bored in Paris, we still have our Interrail pass, so we can take next train and go to another country or place.

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