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Otázka: My house

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): prominka



My house

I live in a detached house, which used to be a summer mansion. My parents bought it from Slovaks in 1991. It is placed in town Studénka. We live on the street 2.května, which is the main street, so it is always noisy. We have got a wide garden with a shed, a green house, a garage, next to the garage, there is an old company house (there used to by our company) and also we have plenty of flower beds and a beautiful rockery. Also, there are many trees, some are needle-leaved and some are fruit trees.


Let’s see, what we have got inside…

On the ground floor we have a lobby, it is a small room with a lot of shelves and there are stored logs. The lobby led to a long corridor. On the right side, there is a bathroom with a toilet. In the bathroom, there is situated a washbasin next to that, there is a shower, washing machine and a toilet.

On the left side, there can be found some selves for shoes and next to that; there is another room, a blue room. This room used to be my daddy’s room, but now it is rebuilt to a guest room. In this room there are situated a lot of wooden bookcases, some old wardrobes, a black table with a computer and two beds. There are blinds on the windows like in all rooms in our house. The carpet is blue (like the walls).

Next to the blue room, there is a pink room – my kingdom.  When you enter to my room, you can see a laptop, a TV, a home cinema, beautiful violet table, which is shaped like number 8. Next to the table, there is a bed with a lot of heart-shaped pillows. Of course, there are also many white bookcases and 2 wardrobes.  I have got pink blinds, a carpet and the walls are either pink.

In every room of our house, there are amazing paintings, pictures and photos. In the blue room there are sad and scary deserted places. In my room there are photos of our family and a lot of puzzles. Upstairs there are old pictures with still life or characters.

The corridor led to the dining room, but in front of that there is a fireplace and on the right side there is a kitchen. We have a small kitchen with a microwave, a stove, a sink and some cupboards. The dining room consists of 2 rooms, a bedroom and a dining room, which are divided by a partition. So, there is a table and some cupboards also, there is a sofa. Next to the sofa, there is a chamber with a fridge and ingredients, which need to be in a cold place. And in the bedroom, there are a twin-bed and wardrobes.

In the middle of the corridor, there is a basement door and next to that there is a staircase. I don’t know what is in the basement, because I am scared to go there.

The staircase led to the first floor. There is situated a loft. There is a complete mess and plenty of old things. So, the corridor led also to the toilet and in front of that there is a living room. Well it isn’t a typical living room. There is placed the original furniture (about 100 years old). There are a sofa, a mirror, a wide wardrobe, two tables, chairs and a Persian carpet. This room led to the old bedroom, which is now used as another stock.

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