Family – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (3)



Otázka: Family

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Veronika Pecková



As it has been in the history, also nowadays is family a base of society. Family is something that we don’t choose. We are born there and it forms our personality and later life. We take after our parents, not just the appearance, but also the way we behave. It usually depends on how they raised us. I also believe, that for most people means family home and safety. Someone, that they can always come back to. Someone that will always help them and love them no matter what happens. A good relationship in the family is probably one of the most important things in life.

However, when we speak about family, we have to realize that there are different types of families and that for every single person family might mean a something little bit different. We have a nuclear family, which is usually our parents and our siblings, and then other relatives who are commonly called extended family. These relatives are our grandmothers, grandfathers, uncles, aunts, cousins, and others. Some people meet their extended family very often, but some extended families can see each other just on Christmas or when someone is celebrating their birthday. In some families, people don’t have the best relationship with their distant relatives. Growing up, I knew kids who never met their aunts and uncles.

In history, there were 2 ways of becoming a family. We could become a family either by being born in it or by marrying someone.

Nowadays, a family doesn’t have to mean a female mother, male father, and children. Marriages between a homosexual couple have been already allowed in most democratic countries, so same-sex couples who are raising their children as a common family aren’t so strange anymore. And even the marriage is not a condition to start a family. I know many cohabitating couples who raise children together and consider themselves a family.

Also, a family doesn’t have to mean two parents. Around 30 % of married couples will divorce at some part of their life and their family will split up. If these divorced couples had children together, it brings a lot of complications. It has to be decided with which parent the children are going to live and the other parent has to pay child maintenance to help with money. Raising children in these families can be very complicated. And if a child lived in a dysfunctional family, it might suffer from it whole life.

Another very important topic when it comes to families is the role of man and woman. In history, the role of a mother was taking care of children and the household, while the role of a father was to be a breadwinner of the family. Although women usually work nowadays as well, men should still be the ones who take care of the family budget and protect their family.

When it comes to family, I have been dreaming my whole life of having a big happy family. I love children so I would like to have at least two of them. I would like to work, but I would like to have a lot of time for my children as well. I think that the first years of raising a child are the most important.

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