My school – Secondary Technical School for Traffic and Transport

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Otázka: My school

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Martiss



My school is situated in Pilsen in part Lochotín. Everyday way to school lasts about ten minutes from my house. Because I live a short distance of school, I go on foot.

The type of my secondary school is Secondary Technical School for Traffic and Transport. And my branch of study is called economy of traffic and transport. After my school I will be able to work as a leader of transport.

We have divided the learning for two weeks. On even week and odd week. I have a rather odd because in this week is shorter teaching in Thursday. Altogether is sixteen subjects in our timetable. It  is changes by weeks.  My favourite day at school is Friday. On Friday we have only three lessons and after that followed a weekend. And my worst day is Monday because it is first day and one of long days at the week.

In our school we divided subjects on general and special.  Between general subjects belong for example Maths, Launguages, Civics, Rights and Physical education and between special subjects belong Traffic and Transport, Logistic, Taxy legislation, Economy, Driving cars and Vehicle traffic.

Our classroom is quite large. Classroom is located in second floor of the building in the rear part of the corridor. There are three rows of the desks. In each desk may sit two pupils.

Forward of class is blackboard and on the left is situated in a teacher’s desk.

And now something of history. The  school was founded in 1968. In the years schools changed its address and was connected with others secondary schools. Now days our school belongs between two largest schools in Pilsen region.

School take part in different competitions. For example in sports, economy competition and so on. Also with the class go on trips or other events.



Secondary Technical School for Traffic and Transport is complex of several buildings. On the left you can see medical staff. In the middle is located in entrance B and on the right is entrance A. On the right at the rear part of the building is situated in gymnasium. Outside you can see big playground. In ground floor we find our school canteen and next to a buffet. In our school are a lot of classes.

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