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  Otázka: National holidays in the Czech Republic

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Giraffe



New Year´sDay

  • 1st of January
  • it is the date of foundation of the Czech Republic (1.1.1993)



  • Christian Easterlastsforoneweek, calledHolyWeek. Itends on EasterSunday, the most importantdayoftheweek, because on thatdayJesusreturned to life.
  • Mondayisthe most importantdayhere in the Czech Republic.
  • Easter Monday all men and boys go from house to house and whip the women with a stick made of woven willows. The women in return give them decorated eggs or ribbons.



  • 1stofMay
  • holiday of working people



  • 8thofMay
  • the day of the liberation of Czechoslovakia from the Nazis
  • the end of WWII in Europe


Saints Cyril and Methodius Day

  • 5thof July
  • In 863, Churchteachers St.Cyril (Constantine) and Metoděj (Methodius) camefromthe Balkans to Great Moravia to propagate Christian faith and literacy.


Jan Hus Day

  • 6thof July
  • Jan Hus – a Catholic preacher of the commons was burned to death at the stake as aheretic in 1415


St. Wenceslas Day

  • 28thofSeptember
  • Wenceslas – the saint patron of the Czech lands
  • in 935, St. Wenceslas, Duke of Bohemia, was murdered by his brother


Independent CzechoslovakStateDay

  • 28thofOctober
  • 1918 – it is the date of foundation of the first independent Czechoslovak Republic


Struggle for Freedom and Democracy Day

  • 17thofNovember
  • commemorating the student demonstration against Nazi occupation in 1939, and the demonstration in 1989 that started the Velvet Revolution


Christmas Eve

  • 24thofDecember
  • We start to prepare for Christmas four weeks before Christmas Eve – this period of time is called Advent.
  • Children have a special calendar called a Christmas Calendar. It is usually made out of paper and it has twenty four windows. Every day the children open one of them to find a picture and a piece of chocolate.
  • It has become a tradition to have a Christmas tree. It is usually a spruce tree, but it can also be a pine or a fir tree. The whole family decorates the tree with gingerbread and Christmas ornaments.
  • According to tradition those who abstain from eating meat on the day of Christmas Eve will see the “golden pig” later in the evening as a reward.
  • Christmas dinner starts around 6 p.m. We usually have fish soup and deep fried carp with potato salad. The meal is followed by cookies. The best part of the day comes after dinner: opening the presents. Children wait to hear a ringing bell signal from the „Infant Jesus“.
  • After the Christmas Eve we usually spend the rest of the Christmas holiday visiting our friends and relatives.


Christmas Day

  • 25thofDecember
  • an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ


St. Stephen’s Day

  • 26th ofDecember
  • a Christian saint’s day to commemorate Saint Stephen, the first Christian martyr
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