Of Mice and Men – maturitní otázka z angličtiny



  Otázka: Of Mice and Men

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Andrea



Of Mice and Men is a novel. It was written by Nobel Prize–winning author John Steinbeck in 1937. It is based on the life of mentally disabled man. The main themes of the book are friendship, countryside in California, human’s dream and its transience.


The story takes place in a ranch in California. Main characters are George Milton and Lennie Small. George is a quick-witted man who is Lennie’s guardian and best friend. Lennie is mentally disabled man, but he is strong, hardworking and good guy, who likes silken things. The story is about two traveling ranch workers. George and Lennie are trying to work up enough money to buy their own farm. They get a job in Curley’s farm. Firstly, Lennie breaks Curley’s hand. Secondly, Lennie caresses a puppy and Curley’s wife’s hair, but he breaks their necks by mistake. Later, Lennie is scary and he doesn’t know why he did this horrible things and he hides near a river. George is only, who know it. He calm Lennies and after that George shoots him dead. He wants to save him from torture.


In my opinion, it is really beautiful but very sad book. What I liked best was strong, real friendship between Lennie and George. On the other hand, sometimes was George a little bit indiscreet towards to Lennie. I could recommend this book to everyone.

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