Ostrava – maturitní otázka z angličtiny



Otázka: Ostrava

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Radoslav Samek



Ostrava, being in the centre of the North-Moravian region, is located in the north-east part of the Czech Republic near polish border and it´s the third largest city in our country. It is also an important industrial centre of the country whose name origins in river Ostravice flowing through it. Ostrava with its population of about 330 000 inhabitants faces one of the highest unemployment rates in our country as well as air pollution.



Arcelor Mital is the largest iron and steel producer in the CR which also produces coke for its steel industry. They produce a lot of million tons of coke, iron and steel.

Thermal power station Třebovice– Coal is used for the production of heat and electricity and it is transported from nearby mines OKD by rail.

In Ostrava we can find BorsodChem MCHZ which produce chemicals.



Silesian Ostrava Castle was built in 13 century near Lučina and Ostravice rivers. It burned down in 1872 but it was rebuilt.  Today, the castle is one of the most important tourist attractions of the city. Number of concerts and performances take place there.

Miniuni World of Miniatures at Černá Louka displays miniature models of famous buildings from major European cities (Eifel tower, Big Ben or Leaning Tower of Pisa).

Families with small children can visit the ZOO, where they can see many animals from different countries.

People often visit shopping centres for example Shopping Park in Zábřeh or shopping centre Nová Karolina where people can buy anything.



In Ostrava people can visit five theatres – the Theatre of Antonín Dvořák, the Jiří Myron and Petr Bezruč Theatres, the Musical Theatre and the Puppet Theatre.


Čez Aréna

ČEZ Aréna is a big palace of sports where a lot of concerts of popular music, ice-hockey matches, various exhibitions and shows take place  there (e.g.the final of Miss of our country, the World Championship in volley-ball, etc.).


Stodolní Street

Not only at the weekend can people go to Stodolní Street to enjoy themselves but also there are many bars, pizza places, pubs, clubs and restaurants where they can dance and sing in karaoke show.



In Ostrava there are two universities: Technical University of Ostrava (where students can study at 6 faculties – the economy faculty, the electronical and informative faculty, the mining-geological faculty, the metallurgical faculty, the building faculty and the mechanical faculty) and University of Ostrava (consisting of 6 faculties – the philosophical faculty, the pedagogical faculty, faculty of social studies, faculty of fine arts, faculty of medicine, faculty of science).



In Ostrava there is quite a developed network (rozvinutá síť) of trams, buses and trolley buses and there are railway stations. Not far from the city there is the Mošnov airport.


Interesting events

Interesting events take place in Ostrava almost every year. Golden Spike – the famous athletic meeting – takes place in June. In July you can visit the international music festival Colours of Ostrava, Beats for Love and also the theatrical Summer Shakespeare Festival at Silesian-Ostrava castle. In September there is a parade of NATO armed forces at Leoš Janáček Airport in Mošnov – Days of NATO.

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