Pardubice – maturitní otázka z angličtiny


Otázka: Pardubice

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Broskev




population: 91 thousand people



Capitol of Pardubice region. Pardubice lies in Elbe lowland and is located in eastern Bohemia on confluence of the Elbe and Chrudimka at the geographic coordinates 15 ¾° degrees east and 30 degrees north. 98 km far from Prague.



First mention of Pardubice is from year 1295. First owner was in the beginning 14th century Púta from Dubá and next knight Arnošt from Hostýně and his son Arnošt from Pardubice was first archbishop of Prague. From this age comes emblem of the city – half horse on a red shield.

Next owners were Hanuš from Milheim, Viktorín Boček from Kunštát and Jan Hlaváč from Mitrov.

In 1491 Pardubice was bought by William II. Pernstein and begins most famous era of Pardubice.

Next owner after the Pernstein’s was Maxmilian II. Habsburg.


Famous people

Arnošt from Pardubice, first archbishop of Prague

Smil Flaška of Pardubice, writer

Jan Kašpar, aviator

Artur Kraus, inventor, bussinesman

Dominik Hašek, hockey player

Otakar Janecký, hockey player

Cousins Veverka’s, inventors of the swing plow


Culture and sport

Pardubice steeplechase. The toughest race in Europe and 2nd in the world since 1874. The most successfull racer is Josef Váňa, he won eight times.

Golden Helmet of Pardubice. It is motorcycle race which rides a every year in the Svítkov. It is oldest speedway race in the world. The firts race was in 1929. Golden Helmet of Pardubice launches week traditional city celebrations.

Tipsport Ice Hockey Extra League. It is best and most successful in the Czech. The first hockey match was in 1913. They play in the modernized and expanded Tipsport arena now.

Pardubice Juniors. Championship of juniors in tennis.



There is University of Pardubice which consists of seven faculties. And also 15 high schools and 4 grammar schools.


Places of interest

Pardubice castle with fortification. It is renaissance castle, located is a near  of center Pardubice. Is owned by Pardubice Region and there is a museum. In 13th century there was moated castle and after the Hussite wars was rebuild. Various places are to rent today and is possible organize there a wedding.

Pardubice theatre was build in Art Nouveau style in 1907-1909. Architect of this building was Antonín Balšánek. Is the biggest scene in city and also home of East Bohemian Theatre group. 30th  March 1931was damaged by fire. Reconstruction cost 750.000 crowns.

Pardubice railway central station. Is located on main line from Prague to Česká Třebová. Its important railway junction and is a significant building of functionalism style, projected by Karel Řepa ( he is student of Josip Plečnik). It working since 1958.

Green Gate. Consists of two buildings – renaissance fore-gate and tower with heigts 56 meters. Its very important rest of city fortress from 16th century. This tower we can visit and there is a beautiful view on the city.

Winternitz Mills. Were projected by famous Josef Gočár for Karl and Egon Winternitz. Its situated on the right bank of river Chrudimka. Were built in 1909. They were used for the production flour. Now is out of order.


Place of interest

Trail of William Perstein. It runs throught monument zone of old city.

Perstein Night. Its city celebrate. There are lot of artists, like musician, singers. Táády dááády dááá, its all the folks.

Crematorium. Was built by architect Karel Janák in 1921-1923 in art deco style. In 1968 there was filmed film by Juraj Herz Spalovač mrtvol (Corpse burner).

Park of Tyrš. Park was built near Pardubice castle in 1931 as a celebration by Miroslav Tyrš.

Vessel Arnošt from Pardubice. Is sailing from Pardubice to Kunětice and to Srnojedy and sometimes to Přelouč. There is a restaurant and in season music production.

Pardubice Brewery. Was established in 1871. There is brewed beer named Pernstein and special beer 19o  Porter.



There is a many shops, boutigues, malls like Atrium Pardubice.

In Pardubice takes place many of gastro events, for example Fresh Food Festival. There is many of restaurants, bistros, fast foods. You can visit some excellent restaurants with delicious menu, like Bonte Restaurant, Cartellone or U dvou kohoutků. Pardubice is home of world famous Pardubice gingerbread.

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