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Otázka: Problems of the Modern World

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Problems of the Modern World

Our today´s world is very different from the world in the past. We can say that the globe became smaller, because we can communicate with anybody on the other side of the world very quickly. We can use e-mail, skype, facebook and others. Also the mobile phones help us to talk to anybody anywhere very quickly.

Modern technology is on the very high level.

Also the medicine made a great progress. We can cure many illnesses which were not curable in the past.

Although we have so many things which make our life comfortable, we are not happier than our parents, great parents and all our ancestors.

There are problems which weren´t on the earth in the past. There are environmental problems the nature is in a very bad state, because we are not disciplined and do not behave well. We do not know how to save the nature. There is a lot of pollution and we do not know what to do with our wasted things, e.g. plastic.

There are also the wholes in the atmosphere which make our weather hotter and hotter.

The wars is a big problem which was not solved by human race. People think they can make agreement with each other, but there are always people who want to use their freedom for being aggressive and have power over others.

There are many people starving, they are hungry, but on the other side of the globe people are rich and don´t know what to do with their money. There is something wrong with people on the earth.

The biggest problem which we have to face is a moral problem. We want to have freedom, but we do not know how to deal with it. It means that people want to tolerate everything, but then we see that we are overwhelmed by problems like free sex, addictions, homosexuality, abortions, crime and others.

In the past people believed more in God and their faith gave them the system of moral rules. The rules were based on the law given in the Bible and it was a part of human culture in the society.

I think that people should come back to God and they can learn how to deal with their moral problems.

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