Proposal for coming up with more exchange programmes…


 Otázka: Proposal for coming up with more exchange programmes for our college

 Jazyk: Angličtina

 Přidal(a): T. Jelínková




The purpose of this proposal is to suggest ways in which we can offer new Exchange programmes for the students who attend our college.


Contact international colleges

The college has not been in touch with another ones so far and in my opinion we ought to change it. Our team has already found some colleges from foreign countries such as Spain, France and USA which would like to take part. In students‘ best interest we urge you to consider the offer – the list with the contacts of offered colleges has already been taken to the office.


Social media

The college certainly should improve its presence on social media due to a low interest of foreign students – post updates with photos of students enjoying themselves, activities which our college has organised and so on. We must pay some attention to them and show up in the best possible light not only for the future college Exchange students but for some sponsors as well.


Exclusive events for the Exchange students

Living in another country practically alone can be difficult so our team came up with the special events for them. Every single month we could prepare some typical meals and drinks of our country for them to get to know our culture – and perhaps to make new friendships.

In conclusion, we should improve the offers for the foreign students – sponsors might see our college interesting and they might donate us some money for more Exchange programmes like these.

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