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Otázka: Services

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Radka


What services can people use?


Public services

I regularly use the public transport, education, water and energy supply, garbage removal, television and radio services. Very important for people’s health service. I have dental check-ups twice a yer at a dentist.

Other services which I need but which I do not often use are police and fire services.


Private services

I am shoping almost every day, especially to buy food.

Quite often I use the services in restaurants and pubs, customer services at shops and banks. An essential private service for the hairdresserś and nail salon, and fitness centre.

When we want to have our hair cut, we go to the hairdresser´s. She can wash our hair, cut it, dye and dry it or do a special styling. We can either visit her in her salon or we can find a hairdresser who comes to our home. Men go to the barber´s where they can have their face shaved and hair cut.

Women like going to beauty salon and nail studios for manicure and pedicure.

If you need a professional photo, you may go to the photographers. If you have your own digital photo, you can bring it on a CD to the shop or you can send it to the shop on the internet. Then you get your photos by post.

If we don´t like cleaning we can pay an agency for cleaning our flat.

Lots of people take the washing to the laundry. In the Czech Republic people do it at home because everybody has a washing machine, but people use dry-cleaners.

When you need glasses or have your eyes checked, you can go to the optician´s. There is a variety of glasses of different shapes and colours, contact lenses or sunglasses, or goggles for cycling and skiing.

If your car is broken, it can be repaired in a car repair shop.

When clocks or watches are broke down they can be repaired at the watchmaker´s.

Estate agent´s offer houses, flats to people who want to lease or buy them.

When we go on vacation we go to a travel agency or choose on the Internet.


The bank

I do not go to bank much. I usually go to a cash machine. Most often I do my banking online, via the internet. I can transfer money, pay bills and check my account. Most often I pay credit card.


The post office

I use the post office to post letters and packages, pay bills and send money.

Letters and packages are delivered to our homes by a postman or mail carrier.


Forms of communication

I use the internet a lot, not just for private stuff but and at work. I send text mesage from my phone or I write messages on my friends or my family. These are the fastest forms of communication. Sometimes I send emails but I never write letters.


Public transport

I use public transport to move about in the city. I travel by bus every day. People can buy tickets at the train or bus station from the ticket machine or from the driver. I have a yearly travel pass because I work in a transport company.


I go to restaurants occasionally, mostly for lunch with colleagues from work or with the family for dinner.

Popular services include weekends, which offers a variety of accommodations, massage or relax.

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