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Otázka: Shopping

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): A.Dvořáková




  • What role does shopping play in the lives of modern people.
  • What is window shopping?Do you like that?
  • What are the most frequently visited shops these days?
  • Where can you get…?
  • Do you like shopping for gifts?
  • What about internet shopping?


Shopping is part of our everyday lives.Most of the people do the shopping because they have to.They go directly to the rank and buy some food without thinking because they simply need it.Other people, especially women and girls, love shopping. They can’t live without it. It’s necessary for them to go through the shop and look what new they have and what is cheaper and what is more expensive. It’s a form of relaxation for them, which costs them a lot of money. Sometimes they buy stupid things just to have them.

Windows shopping has got a lot of advantages. For example you don‘t need money and you can see a lot of interesting things without entering to the shop. It’s the way how you can avoid standing in long queues. I do this when I have nothing to do or when I wait for the bus or for my friends.

Most people in abroad shop in department store it’s more comfortable than supermarket in our country. You don‘t have to travel through whole town you can find everything under one roof. There is a lot of space but sometimes there could be a big amount of people and higher prizes.This kinf of store have usually several floors with departments that sell different kinds of goods – clothing, furniture, toys, dishes.

More personally way of shopping can be corner shops because it’s near our house and you probably know some people who work there.At a butcher’s you can buy meat – chicken,beef, veal, pork or sausages, bacon, ham.We get axe, hammer, nail or screw at a ironmongers, watermelon, banana, apple, carrot, parsley, potatoes at a greengrocers,bread, rolls, croissant, donut at a baker’s.
I don‘t like buying presents because I never know what to buy. I hate buying useful presents. I think present should be anything special not ordinary things which you will use every day. But my imagination doesn‘t work well usually that time. So I buy typical gifts like books, chocolates and cosmetic.

In the internet you have choice of lots of goods and shops from all over the world.It’s very easy and you don’t even have to leave your house.On the other hand you can’t try the clothes and it could be risk.


Furniture – nábytek
Nail – hřebík
Screw – šroub
Parsley – petržel
Veal – telecí
Pork – vepřové

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