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Otázka: Shopping

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Magda S.



Why do people go shopping?

Shopping is for someone hobby and for someone necessary. Shopping is good for us, because we dont have to hunt animals in forests anymore and we can normally go to shop for chat we want. That´s a big advantage. You can buy almost whatever you want.. food, clothes, cars, all kind of things. It really easy and fast to, someone cloud disagree with it, but standing in a queque  is much more faster than searching for food in a winter forest. A lot of families go to shopping malls at the weekend, spend there whole day, they eat there, buy things it is kind like a entertainment or a family trip. Basicly people go shopping because they want to survive. Can you imagine today Word without shops? What would we eat?


Kind of shops

  • Butcher´s – meat (pork, beef, chicken), ham, salami, cheese, minced meet etc.
  • Baker´s – bread, rolls, buns, doughnuts, cakes, cookies
  • Grocer´s – all kinds of food (milk, youghurt, butter, cheese, soups, sugar, oil, drinks)
  • Shoe shop – shoes, boots, sandals, slippers, trainers, socks, stockings
  • Clothes shop – sweaters, T-shirts, shirts, jeans, tops, underwear, gloves, caps
  • Off licence – liquors
  • Bookshop – books, textbooks, dictionaries, calendars
  • Florist´s – flowers, flower pots
  • Greengrocer´s – fruit and vegetables
  • Chemist´s – shampoo, cosmetics, detergents, washing powder, handkerchieves etc.
  • Stationer´s – notebooks, pencils, pens, birthday cards
  • Newsagent´s – newspapers, magazines
  • Pharmacy (Chemist´s) – medicines, remedies, herbal tea
  • Goldsmith´s – rings, bracelets, chains, watches


How do you shop?

We take a shopping basket or a trolley and go into the shop. There are lots of shelves with products so that we can choose what we want. In some shops (goldsmith´s or butcher´s) there are counters and the shop assistants show us and hand us the goods. In clothes shops there are changing rooms (fitting rooms) where we can try the clothes on. Then we go to the cash register. We can pay in cash or by card. After having paid we get a receipt that gives us a guarantee. If there is something wrong with the goods, we can take the goods back and get a refund.


Shopping malls

For many people shopping malls are a place where they spend their free time. They have long opening hours and they are open at weekends. There are lots of shops concentrated in a big hall. Most of them are clothes shops and boutiques, some shops with jewellery, accessories  and cosmetics. In most shopping malls you can find fast food stalls and cafés, children´s court and sometimes also a cinema. Peole often go window shopping there. (Window shopping is browsing shops when you do not want to buy anything. You are only watching.)



Advertisements are a part of our lives today. We can see them on TV, on billboards, in magazines, on the internet. Ads want to persuade us to buy something. They mostly cost a lot of money – that is why advertised products are more expensive. Advertisements are successful because people mostly choose a trademark which they know (from TV, radio, billboards). Lots of things are advertised: bank products, all kinds of goods, food, fast food restaurants, cars etc.

Some people think that billboards are dangerous because they attract attention of drivers  and then, drivers do not concentrate on driving.

Advertisements on TV are called „commercials“. Most TV stations put commercials between films.


Selling strategies?

Supermarkets know from thein research that the idea of „freshness“ is important to customers even though most of the things they sell, such as soap powders and tins, are clearly quite different from this image. So they place thein fruit and vegetables near the entrance to give a first impression os freshness and brightness. In addition, many larger stoers have an instore bakery beacause the smell of fresh bread makes you hungry, and encouranges impulse buying. The smell also attracts you into the store. They also use high intensity lights which makes the shop seem extra clean and hygienic.  They also have a special strategy in placing goods. When people go to a supermarket thein plan is often to buy things like bread, bitter, eggs and so on, so these staples and other cheaper čems are separated and placed throughout the store- often a long way from the entrance so that shoppers  can be temped by the other goods they pass on the way. As you could noticed they often place bargains at the end of aisles. The ends are called “Hot spots” because products here sell twice as quickly as anywhere else. So shopper have to go past a lot of other goods, which might catch their attention.  The trolleys are about third bigger than they were ten years ago. And you also find chocolates and sweets placed near checkouts so that parents buy them for bored children.


Shopping habits of Czech families

Typical Czech family goes shopping for food several times during the week for small things like bread and roll, but makes one big purchase once a week always before weekend or during the weekend. When the family lives in a small town or village than they go shopping for clothes to the bigger cities to the shopping malls, because you can choose there from more items, it´s sometimes in better quality and cheaper. Today more and more families go to the shopping malls for entertainment and they always spend there whole day. And when they go to Ostrava for shopping they always go for a lunch to IKEA and buy also some accessories to their houses.


Shopping habits of my family

We go always shopping as a typical Czech family. Small purchases in the week and one big at the weekend. My father always makes a list of items and then we go to the Kaufland. We start with fresh vegetables and fruit and then continue with flour, some beverages, bread, some meat, milk and some shampoos. When there are some bargains we go to Hypernova also. When we need new clothes we always go to Ostrava, to IKEA for lunch and then for clothes. I´m always really happy when I find something really good in sale.


What do I think about shopping online?

I have shopped a few times online. Shopping on Czech websites is much easier for me, because you don´t  have to pay in advance, but you can pay it when someone brings it to your hands, so you can be sure that you have it. And of course you don’t have to pay with card and it is a big advantage when you don’t have the card. I bought online some clothes and lens to my camera and I also buy some Christmas presents online. Shopping online is really comfortable, you can sit in your room or lay in your bed and you can spend thousands and thousands. You can listen to your favourite music and your feet don´t hurt you and you are not tired. But the big disadvantage is that you can not touch the material or go to the changing rooms a try on this beautiful dress. You just have to take a risk.


Shops in Vsetín

In my opinion shops in Vsetin aren´t good enough. Here are a lot of wietnamese shops, but when you imagine a lot it means that they are on every corner. Their clothes isn´t in good quality and I think that they are quite expensive. For younger people are here a few sports shops, but for us who don´t like sport fashion that much it isn´t good. But on the other hand here are lot of second hand shops. They are my passion. I just love it. It is kind of relax for me.


My attitude to shopping

I love shopping when I´m in a good mood and when I´m excited. Then I love shopping clothes, food, whatever. But I hate changing rooms.

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