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Otázka: South Bohemia

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South Bohemia

It’s said that SB has the most beautiful environment in the Czech Republic. There is the Šumava Forest, the old town Český Krumlov with an amazing palace or the Lipno Dam, which serves for relaxation and tourism.


Location and environment

It is located in the south of the Czech Republic. It borders on Austria and Germany in the south and on west Bohemia in the west, on Vysočina region and South Moravia in the east and on central Bohemia in the north. Average altitude is 400-600 metres. But the higgest peak of SB has got 1378 metres. It´s called Plechý. We find it in Šumava. Šumava is extensive mouintain range on the border of Czech, Austria and Germany, which has been a National Park since 1991.This park was founded because of the protection of peat areas and the forests. South Bohemia is known for its forests.  The famous forest is Boubínský prales, which belongs to the last parts of nature untouched by man. The Šumava Forest has also one interesting place which is called the Schwanzenberg’s channel which served as a line to transfer wood into Austria.


People and the cities

In SB there are about 600,000 inhabitants. This region has the lowest density in the whole country. There are seven districts with their capitals : ČB, Tábor, Prachatice, Písek, Strakonice, Jindřichův Hradec and Český Krumlov. The biggest town is České Budějovice with a population of about 100,000 inhabitants. It is also the capital of the region, which is officially called Jihočeský. The second biggest town is Tábor. České Budějovice and Jindřichův Hradec are the most important towns for young people, because this two town are university towns. If a talk about towns I would like to mention Týn nad Vtavou. This town is realy important for us because next to this town stands Nuclear Power Plant Temelín. It was bulit from 1985 to 2002. I think it’s OK, but Austrian people protest against it, because they think it is dangerous – so there were and there are still some problems with our Nuclear power plant Temelín.



SB is not on industrial part of the Czech Republic. We have light industry for example : food industry like Friall which makes french fries. Then Madeta which makes dairy products, slaughterhouse in Planá nad Lužnicí. Heavy industry is represented by Mas Kovosvit which is focused on the production of CNC machines (computer numerically controlled).



SB is more agriculture-oriented. The main grown plants are cereals, potatoes and oil plants. There are good climatic conditions.


SB is famous for rivers and ponds

Besides agriculture areas in SB there are lots of ponds and rivers.

One of the most important river is the river Vltava. It starts in the Šumava and flows through Č. Krumlov and ČB. Vltava is also very popular for canoeing. Passable(sjízdný) part of Vtava is section from Vyšší Brod to Boršov nad Vtavou. It´s beautiful experience. Another important river is the Lužnice river. It starts in Austria and it flows into the Vltava river in Týn nad  Vltavou. This river is also popular for recreation and canoeing. Other important rivers are Otava, Malše and Nežárka. The rivers are beautiful but they are sometimes a cause of big floods in SB. The biggest flood was in 2002. All big rivers like Otava, Vltava, Lužnice flooded a very large area in SB.

On the territory of SB there are a lot of ponds which also belong to the protected areas. The biggest pond is the pond of Rožmberk which is located north of Třeboň. It was built by Jakub Krčín z Jelčan. It is mainly designed for fish, especially for carps, and the pond is harvested every other year. This event is very popular and is visited by a lot of people. There is usually a cultural programme and the people can buy fish.  Výlovy are very popular in all villages and towns. The ponds can serve for ice-rink, because ice up in winter.

Because in Czech Republic there are lots of rivers, there are lots of dams. And the most important dam in South Bohemia is the Lipno Dam. It is used as a recreation area with many camps. People and tourists love relaxing by The Lipno Dam which was built between 1952 and 1957 as a water power plant and a reservoir of drinking water. Its area makes it the biggest lake in the Czech Republic. This them is often visited by fisherman and sailers.


Places to visit

Tourists usually go to visit SB because of castles, rivers and mountains. There are a lot of castles for example Hluboká nad Vltavou, Červená Lhota and Orlík. Tábor is also very popular because it’s a very old town founded by the Hussities in 1420. Tourists usually admire the landscape of SB. The mountains are not very high and are really good for cross country skiing in the winter and biking in the summer. In the summer people often go canoeing. I think that folk architecture is also interesting especially around Soběslav, Komárov, Borkovice, Mažice. This area is also known for marshland.


v nížinách → in the lowlands

vrchovina,vysočina, hornatina – highlands, uplands

hilly area – pahorkatina

zvlněná krajina → rolling/undulating landscape

slighty – mírně

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