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It seems to me sports are becoming more and more popular nowadays. It is understandable, because we have a lot of possibilities how to spend our leisure time. People do sports because they want to improve their physical appearance, stay in shape or just for a fun. It contributes to our mental health as well.

Let’s start with division (sorting) of sports into two groups – outdoor sports (winter, extreme sports or athletic disciplines) and secondly indoor sports (martial arts, ball games, gymnastics). Of course, most of the sports and games could be practised inside same as outside.

Some of the different categories of sports: (Here is the distribution of sports depending on the season and environment.)

Winter sports: cross country skiing, downhill skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding, ice-hockey, figure skating, speed-skating and sledging.

Water sports: swimming (crawl, backstroke or free style), windsurfing, diving, water-skiing, rowing, canoeing, water polo, sailing, yachting;

Martial sports: judo, karate, generally jiu-jitsu, boxing, wrestling or fencing;

Nature sports: fishing, rock climbing, hiking, cycling, horse riding and cross-country running;

Team sports: football, ice-hockey, volleyball, basketball, baseball, handball, rugby, cricket.


(I selected the examples of individual English speaking countries to show the typical sports, which are bonded to each country).

In connection with individual countries I would like talk about some of them.

Now, I want to tell you something about typical sports in English speaking countries.



We can say that Great Britain is known as one of the most sport-loving nation in the world. Horse-racing, cricket, rugby, tennis and football (or soccerè name for football usually used in USA) are most well-liked sports by British. In spite of the fact that many people found soccer the prime sport of England, the first place belongs to cricket.

Cricket is played in the middle of an oval shaped field with a bat and small leather ball, between two teams of 11 players each.

Football is considered as the most popular spectator sport today. Millions of fans are watching TV and supporting their favourite teams such as MU, Arsenal, Chelsea or Liverpool. Two teams made up of 11 players on each side line up on the football field.  Players pass the ball to each other by kicking it with aim of getting the ball in to the opponent’s net. You mustn’t touch the ball by hand, but playing by head is possible.

The game lasts two 45-minutes halves and the team scoring the more goals wins. When is some Championship or final and the score is still in a draw after thirty minutes of extra time, the winner is decided by a penalty shootout.

If a player commits serious foul, the referee can issue a yellow card as a warning or issue a red card, in which case the player is sent off and can’t be replaced by a substitute. (The card punishment is temporary, the player can be replaced after a time in power play)

Other common sports in Britain are horse-racing, polo, darts or fishing.

Many Major sports events are taking place in Britain – Wimbledon, the Grand Nation (it’s a horse-race steeplechase) or Grand Prix at Silverstone. Right, let’s move on to the other country.



The United States is a nation obsessed with sports too. (US nation is always known for its obsession with sports.) National sporting events have become big shows. The most important sports are generally: American football and baseball. Americans also love ice-hockey and basketball.

American football is consisted two teams, wearing helmets and pads, throw and run with an oddly-shaped ball to the enemy´s ground. The opponent team is trying to obstruct the path by their bodies. The team with the ball holder is clearing the way to the goal line. If they cross a goal line at the end of the field, they score a touchdown, which is six points. It’s a very strategic game and their annual championship is called Super bowl, it is match between two the best teams in America. It is held in January.

The next one is baseball. Nine players on each team take turns, trying to hit a leather ball with a wooden bat. (They are using tones of different materials nowadays, such as titanium and different alloys) After the batman hit the ball he run stepping on bases and scores a point for his team. If the other team catch the ball before he touch all four bases, he must stand on the last base he touched and wait for another strike. And finally ice-hockey is supported by millions spectators too. NHL is the most famous hockey league on the world.

Amateur sports are also widespread. The Americans like to go jogging and in the early morning or late afternoon parks are overcrowded with joggers and cyclists. Skiing, snowboarding, windsurfing and fishing are popular too.



Last but not least, let’s take a look at the Czech Republic. The most favourite sport in the Czech Republic is football, followed by ice-hockey, biathlon, cycling and athletics. We are known due to our excellent sportsmen and sportswomen who have achieved a great results in top international competitions (Jágr, Čech, Kvitová, Špotáková, Sáblíková).


The Olympic Games

The OG are an international sports competitions which are held every four years in different city, they divides summer and winter parts which change once every two years. There are played just these sports, which are chosen by the International Olympic Committee. For example summer Olympic disciplines are 100 meters, marathon, high jump, relay races and canoeing. Winter Olympic disciplines are Nordic skiing, biathlon, curling, cross-country skiing and snowboarding. (And others.)

The first OG were held in 776 before Christ and lasted until the fourth century(Repeating on the same place (Athenas) every year) The modern OG began in 1896 in Athens in Greece. Nowadays, the games are followed by nearly four billion people.

Symbol of the OG is the Olympic Flag – there are five connected circles, each symbolised one continent and also the Olympic Fire – it’s traditionally lighted in Greece. And in the end the city Rio de Janeiro has been elected host city of Summer Games in this year.


My opinion

Personally, sport is (ok in general, maybe sports are) the very best way of relaxation and spending my leisure time.

I am interested in rollerblading, cycling, running and skiing. I got used to do it myself, because my friends are so lazy. (You mean, you learn it yourself of you are sporting on your own?) I must say that I ride (drive?) so fast because I want to be the best. But it must be taken carefully and responsibly.

I try to do sports the most of my weekends, especially, in the summer, when I have a chance to get outside. I know some people like watching films or listening to the music, but being fit is much more important for me. I also enjoy adrenalin sports such as parachute jump (??) and shooting. I had never tryed bungee jumping, so, if there comes the possibility in the future, I am going to do it!

But not only personal implementation is important. I am fanatic supporter of ice-hockey as well. Especially hockey club Kometa Brno, which is very popular among citizens of Brno.

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