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  Přidal(a): Adriana Hlávková



  • Sport is quite an important activity for people of every generation because it helps us being fit physically and mentally. Thanks to the sport we can lose weight or gain muscles, help our mind to relax, meet new people and even make friends.
  • We can divide sports according to where they are practised: indoor and outdoor, or according to the season: winter or summer sports.
  • Indoor sports are for example gymnastics, martial art, table-tennis etc. For these sports you need a special equipment you usually can’t place outside.
  • Outdoor sports include for example skiing, cycling, horse riding, golf, hiking etc. For these sports you need a lot of space., so it’s almost impossible to do them inside.
  • But some sports, such as tennis or football can be done both indoors and outdoors.
  • Winter sports can be done only in winter because for almost all of them you need snow, except ice – hockey and ice – skating, because these two people do indoors. But you can’t go skiing or sledging on the grass, obviously.
  • Summer sports can be done in all seasons, except winter. I’m talking about cycling, canoeing, hiking and so on. In summer we just have better conditions – warmer weather so we mustn’t wear too much clothes and the days are longer so we can do a lot of things during the day.
  • Sport at school is such an important activity, although we have PE only twice a week. But I think we should have more of it. Nowadays kids are so lazy and spoiled that they prefer spending leisure time by playing some PC games to going out with their friends. And I think their parents should think about it a little bit more and find them some new hobby where they could do some sport and spend time with friends.
  • I used to do many sports when I attended primary school. I had a lot of leisure time and I couldn’t decide which activity is the best for me, so I did aerobics, gymnastics, danced Zumba, played tennis and volleyball. Well I never looked like a person who likes sport, because I wasn’t slim like the others. But I really enjoyed it. Now I just have PE at school twice a week and I also go to gym, or dance sometimes.
  • The best sport I’ve ever done is volleyball – it was my passion and I was really good at it. I sometimes play it in summer with my friends and family for fun, because I still love it.
  • But what I absolutely hate, is running – not when you must run for a ball, but I mean just running in the forest. I hate it because for me it is always hard to breath properly and my breast hurt so freaking much and I hate wearing three bras for one run. I am also very clumsy – thanks to running, I had my right leg in a plaster – twice. And my ankle still hurts when I run or jump sometimes.


The Olympic Games

  • The tradition of the Olympic Games comes from the ancient Greece. The very first Olympic Games took place in Olympia in the year 776 (the 8th century) B.C. They were a part of religious ceremony honouring the god Zeus, the father of the Greek gods and goddesses.
  • The modern Olympic Games took place in 1896 thanks to the French nobleman, Pierre Coubertin. 13 countries competed there in 9 disciplines: cycling, fencing, gymnastics, lawn tennis, shooting, swimming, track and field, weight lifting, and wrestling.
  • Nowadays we have Summer and Winter Olympic Games – both of them held once every four years. The last Games took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and this year the Summer Olympic Games should take place in Tokyo, Japan. The last Winter Olympic Games took place in the PyeongChang, South Korea and the next in year 2022 should take place in Beijing, China.
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