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Otázka: Sports and games

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Pahylus



People do sports for many reasons. Some people want to be fit or try to lose weight. Other people do sports for pleasure and relaxation and for meeting new friends. Sports help you stay healthy and relax, increase your immunity or develop and train your muscles. The last group of people do sports for competing. I think sport is quite important for today´s people because many of them sit in their offices in front of the PC all the time. So we need to move because it is healthy.


I think that nowdays sports are popular, because we don´t move, we have sedentary lifestyle and we need to move. We can do sports passively or actively. Doing sports passively means for example that you watch sports only on TV or at the stadium, you don´t move. Doing sports actively means that you do sport regulary, you have a training during the week or you go out and do sport.

You can also do sports professionally or recreationally. When you do sport recreationally, you do sport for fun with your friends, it´s only your hobby and you don´t earn money. When you do sport professionally, you have regular trainings, you have a special coach, you earn money and the sport is your proffesion, not only hobby.

According to where they are practised, sports are classified into indoor and outdoor sports. For example gymnastics, table tennis, boxing, wrestling, floorball, basketball, volleyball or indoor football are indoor sports. For example skiing (down-hill, cross-country, slalom, ski jump), football, ice-hockey, golf, windsurfing are outdoors sports. Most sports can be done both outdoors and indoors, for example athletics – distance run, hurdling, high and long jump, pole vault, javelin, sprint or discus throw.

According to when they are practised, sports are classified into summer and winter sports. Winter sports can be done only ice and snow – skiing, skating, ice-hockey. But we know a third type of sports and it´s all-season sports. They can be done in any season of the year, for example football, basketball or athletics.

According to how many people are involved in them we divide sports an to individual and team sports. Individual sport is for example tennis, hiking, car racing. And team sport is for example football, basketball, volleyball, floorball or ice-hockey.


I think that ice-hockey is very tiring.  It´s a very demanding sport and also it´s quite expensive, because hockey equipment such as ice-skates, pads, helmet isn´t cheap. In my opinion parachuting is a very dangerous sport. I don´t like dangerous sports, because sports are only hobby for me. I think that football is the most popular and exciting sport in the world. Football is very popular in the UK, France, Italy, Germany and surely in the CR. I like football so much, I can´t imagine the world without football. My favourite football club is Baník Ostrava. I have loved this club since childhood and my biggest dream is that in the future I would own this club. I hope that my dream will become reality. I also love Manchester City. The reason why I like MC is that Manchester City´s fans are the best and my most favourite football player Micah Richards plays for MC.

I know some rules, for example football rules, because I used to play football for some years. You can´t touch the ball by your hands or you can´t score a goal from offside. Adrenaline sports are very dangerous sports and I don´t like them, because sports are a only hobby for me and I don´t like danger. In my opinion paragliding, bungee-jumping, parachuting are adrenaline sports.

For doing sports, you need sports facilities and it depends which sport you choose. For example, when you are a football player, you play in a football pitch or when you play ice-hockey, you play on an ice rink.


For doing sports you also need proper equipment. For example for skiing, you need snow goggles, anorak, safety-release binding, skis or a helmet. For doing gymnastics, you need ladder, wall bars, rings or a mat. I don´t do any sports, because one year ago I seriously hurt my right knee, but I used to play football for some years for Bukovany as a defender. I needed football boots, shn pads, shorts and T-shirt. It´s probably my friend David, who inspired me in playing football. I only had to buy new football boots and shin pads, but trainings were free.

In our school there are two gyms and a pitch attached to the building. Our PE lessons are quite interesting, it depends what we do. First of all, we change into sports clothes. After that we stand to attention. Then we run and do warm up exercises. After that we usually play some games such as football, volleyball, floorball or we do gymnastics. Our gym contains ladders, climbing pole, ropes, balancing beam, horizontal bar, mats, vaulting horse, rings, wall bars and a vaulting buck.

My most favourite sportman is Micah Richards. He is a football player and he plays as a right defender. He plays for Manchester City, that is my favourite club. He is an Englishman, he is very massive and plays very hard. His nickname is The Rock.

In Bukovany there are twp playgrounds. One of them is a football pitch and there I sometimes play football with frieds, if the weather is OK.


I think that most popular sport in the CR is football. The Czech football representation is bad now, but in the past it used to be very good. Players such as Nedvěd, Koller, Baroš, Jankulovski used to be very well-known and popular in the football world. We have many football leagues. The highest is the Gambrinus league. The best football clubs in the CR are Plzeň, Sparta, Teplice and Liberec now. But in the past Baník Ostrava and Slavia Praha were also very successful. The Second football league isn´t popular, because the quality of football is really bad, at the stadium there are few people. In total Czech football isn´t very popular in the world, because the quality of our football clubs isn´t good and in comparison with European football we are really bad and weak.

Ice-hockey is also very popular. The highest league is the Extraliga league. This league is very balanced. There are some teams, which can win the trophy. My favourite club is HC Oceláři Třinec. I have loved this club since childhood and I hope that this year Třinec will be the champion.

Many sports competitions are held in CR. For example Great Parbubická, Golden Spike, Czech Open (it´s a floorball competition).


We have many successful sportmen. For example Martina Sáblíková is a very successful speed skater, she is very modest and I like her. Baroba Špotáková is also a very successful sportswoman. She is  a javelin thrower. Petr Čech is our best goalkeeper, he plays for Chelsea and he is one of the best goalkeeper in the world and also Tomáš Rosický is our famous football player, he plays for Arsenal. Jaromír Jágr is one of the best ice-hockey player in the world. He is over forty and he still plays for New Yersey in NHL. I know, that Jarmila Kratochvílová set the world record for the 800 metres in 1983.

Nowadays sports are very commercialized. I agree with this statement, because It´s true that sportsmen earn enough money and I think that they don´t deserve it. Many people starve and live in miserable conditions and sportsmen earn a lot of money, I think that it isn´t fair and right.


I don´t like football rowdies and hooligans. I like football and I think that hooligans don´t belong to this game. Rowdies are very popular in England, for example Tottenham, West Ham and especially Milwall has many rowdies. It´s very difficult prevent rowdies from destruction of a stadium, but I think that more security guards and police officers can help solve this problem.

I hate sportsmen who take drugs, because they aren´t fair and it´s very unfair to sportsmen, who work very hard and fair.


The Olympic games are held every four years and the are biggest sport event of the year. There are divided into Winter and Summer Olympic Games. Their history started in ancient Greece and the competitors were only men. The first Olympic Games in the moder age were held in 1896 in Athens. Only five sports disciplines were on the programmes in 1896. The Olympic symbols are the flag which consists of five coloured circles (blue, yellow, black, green, red). They represent the continents.

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