Sports in English speaking countries



Otázka: Sports in English speaking countries

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Přidal(a): Vilém Krist



The topic that I will present to you is called „Sports in English speaking countries “. For each country I have selected most popular sports.

The first country is the United Kingdom. Probably the most popular sport in the country is football, or soccer, as it is called in the USA. English football is no different from the football we know from the Czech Republic. The English national football team is the oldest in the world together with the Scottish one and the first matches were played together in 1872.

Another popular sport is rugby. This sport is much more contact and the ball is not kicked but thrown. The name of rugby is derived from the city where the sport was born. From rugby, new sports like American or Australian football were later derived.

The last British sport I will mention is cricket. To provide a general idea, cricket may be compared

to American baseball, because the scheme of the game is similar. However, another difference is the teams in cricket are larger.

The next country we will look at the U.S.

American sports are largely taken over from the UK, but a remarkable difference is that Americans take sport matches more as a show.

Baseball resembles British cricket. But baseball is a little faster game and it is played with an oval bat instead of a flat one. Also, the number of players is smaller. The most famous league competition is American Major League Baseball.

American football has its roots in another sport, namely rugby. The game is very similar although it differs in some rules. The biggest competition played in America is called the NFL. Superbowl is the most important match in this league and its perceived as national event like Christmas or new year’s eve.

Basketball is different from the two already named. It was invented in America and its played indoors. The most prestigious league is called the NBA.

The next country in the standings is Australia.

Australian football is also a rugby type of game and you could say it’s the toughest of them. It’s played without protection on the cricket field. Most famous competition is the Australian league AFL.

The last English-speaking country on the list is Canada.

Ice hockey originated here and therefore it is no surprise that it is also the most popular sport there. The Canadian national team is one of the six strongest in the world together with, for example, the Czech one.

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