Sports – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (3)

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Otázka: Sports

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): DJ



Sports are very good for active relaxation and they are very importatn for our physical and mental health. Sports and games are one of the most popular leisure time activities too.


There are lots of types of sports and games, hich e can do. We have a outdoor sports like hiking,climbing,fishing. Indoor sports are as follow: table tennis. The next type of sports are ater sports like diving,sailing, According to season e divided sports on summer like swimming and inter like skiing. One of the most love winter sport is skiing, I dont like it, but many people love it and they go to skii regularly. In my oponion popular games in the world are ball games like basketball and football. The very famous sports are event. The Olympic games. They are held every 4 years and they have theirs winter and summer parts.


I like to play volleyball. I play it with friends at school or on the weekends with my brother. When I was child I played on team and we participate in various competitions. In the spring I like to go run out. Over the summer I go swimming in the rivers and in the autumn month I go to swim in pool with friends. During the winter I prefer skiing. I would like to try bungee jumping, because it is a sport full of adrenaline. I don´t like water sports, because I hate water. I like play sport myself because it is funny and it´s good for my body. Sports develop strength, alertness. Sports also provide an opportunity for cooperation. My preference is for team sports like basketball, volleyball or football.

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