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Otázka: Great Britain

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Eja



What kind of sports are there?

There are team sports, individual sports, indoor sports, outdoor sports, water sports, ball sports, field sports, extreme sports, racket sports and winter sports.


What equipment do you need for different sports?

For aerobics and fitness you need a T-shirt, shorts, shoes, gym, water, music, some weights and a floor mat. In tennis and badminton you play with a ball and a racket. In baseball you use ball and a racket and a glove. In ice hockey you need a hockey stick, puck, helmet, goal, ice skates, protective padding and Jersey. For climbing you need a helmet, climbing shoes, ropes, harness, carabiners.


Where do you play diferent sports.

Tennis, badminton, squash, volleyball and basketball are played on a court and in gym. Cricket and football are played on a pitch. American football, baseball and rugby are played on a field. Ice hockey is played on an ice rink. Indoor sports are played in a gym.


How do you score points in different sports?

In football you kick or head the ball into the goal. In hockey you hit the ball or puck into tho goal. In tennis you score a point by having your ball bounce more than once in your opponenťs side of the court, or when your opponent hits the net, o rif his ball doesn t touch  your court at all.


What is not allowed in some sports?

Full body contact is not allowed in football, basketball and hockey.


What are some main sporting events?

In most sports there is an international competition called a world championship. The Olympic Games are held once every four years. There are winter and summer olympic games. Winter Olympic sports include skiing, ice skating, ice hockey and curling. In the summer Olympics, athletes compete in gymnastice, swimming, football, and table tennis.


Why play sports?

You can lose weight and make a new friends. It keeps you active and is a good hobby.


What kind of sports do you like? Which ones don t you like?

I like sport. I like aerobic, swimming, dancing, climbing, skiing, fitness, running. My favourite sport is aerobic, because I love dancing. I can t stand footbal and ice hockey.


How often do you practise sports?

I go weightlifting every morning to the fitness. I go dancing every Tuesday and Thursday. I go running every morning too.


What do you do in training?

We dance and run and then we go weightlifting.


Do you enjoy watching sports on TV?

I don t like watching sports on TV. I prefer to watch something else. For exemple comedy film or fairy tale.


Would you like to be a profesional sportsman?

No, because I don t want be a famous .


Who are your favourite player? Why do you like her?

My favourite player is Kvitová, because she my friend s cousin. But I don t know her very well.

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