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Stephen King

Dear teacher and classmates I will like to present you my presentation about famous horror writer Stephen King and his book Pet Sematary.

Let’s start getting acquainted with the author. Author’s full name sounds Stephen Edwin King and his pseudonym is Richard Bachman. Stephen King was born in Portland on 21. September 1947.

Stephen King is well known as the most famous horror writer. Here you can see the picture of him.

His carrier as a writer started already in 1959, when with his older brother published local newspapers. His first published writing was story named „I was a teenage Grave Robber“, which come out in magazine Comics Review in 1965. In 1970 he graduated from the university in Oron, from English and creativity writing focused on teaching.

On fall 1971 he started teaching on High School.

The whole 8 years he was curing addiction on cocaine.

As I already said his first published story was „I was a teenage Grave Robber“but his first sold book was named Carrie and it was sold on spring 1973.

Here you can see his most popular books for example: The Stand, It, The Shining, Salems lot, which was written by the death of his mother, and more amazing pieces. Lot of his books are filmed and in my opinion the films are great as books.


Pet Sematary

Finally I’m going to talk about the book I read. Book named Pet Sematary. Pet Sematary is a 1983 horror novel. This book was nominated for a World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 1986. Pet Sematary was adapted into 2 films, one in 1989 and another in 2019.

Now to the plot of the novel. The main character doctor Louis Creed with his wife and two kids, moved from city to countryside into big house in the edge of forest. In which is hiding pet cemetery, which is well known by kids because they bury the dead pets here. While Louis perceive death as definitive end, his wife Rachel has, after her horrifying experiences from childhood, problems with topics about death and mainly she wants to safe her children from knowledge of finality. After their neighbour Jud find death cat of Louiss daughter by the road. Louis don’t know what to tell his daughter and is asking Jud for help. Jud brings Louis at mysterious place behind Pet Sematary, which is called Mikmacks burial ground, and says him that if he will bury the cat here then the cat will be brought to live again. The cat comes back home but it is little strange, wilder and more dangerous. After few weeks there happens an accident in which their son dies. They bury him in normal cemetery but Louis has other plan, which is bring his dead son on Mikmacks burial ground and bring him back to live. This is where I end the explaining so if you want to know the end of the story you have to read the book.

I saw the newest film too but in my opinion the book is lot better. In film is lot of missing points, which some of them aren’t that important but some, at least I think, really important.

I really liked the book and the plot is interesting, but there was really long start and when everything started it was almost end of the book.

This is the end of my presentation. Thank you for listening.

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