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Street Art

Is it art or is it graffiti?

Why do people do it illegally?

Can it be regulated?


It is hard to say what art is and isn’t. people have always needed more time to understand the newest art movement, sometimes new art is waiting to be understand for several generations


There is a really fine line between vandalism and street art. I think that I am not able to find any satisfactory answer in the philosophical sea of speculation. PersonalIy, I don’t see any difference between art and graffiti, which was an art movement connected with hip-hop subculture in the 80’s, so graffiti has always been part of the world of art, therefore We might consider graffiti as the root of street art and Street art is just the next step of graffiti evolution, It was a long way From Keith Haring and his simply line to nowadays technique as a wheat-pasting, stencil graffiti, sticker art, street installations etc.


A wall has always been the best place to publish your work. I like the idea to have a gallery at a corner, but now we are back at the beginning, so what kind of street art is vandalism and what has some aesthetic value. Graffiti is not the lowest form of art, maybe it is the more understandable form, but are we still able to understand sophisticated art? Aren’t we too lazy and comfortable to find all symbols in pictures? Contemporary art isn’t so different from street art, from the society point of view, contemporary art makes a profit, so it has to right to exist, but street art doesn’t make a profit, so it is illegal


Anyway, Back to street artists, art on the wall has the possibility to attack more attention than art in a gallery. A wall is a powerful gun against the ignorance of society. People (politicians, guardians of public moral etc.) are afraid of something powerful and unregulated as if street art is. Somebody can argue that thanks to creating art in public space artist faster became famous, but on the other hand fame is just a by-product, when a artist creates something really breathtaking.


If society starts to regulate street art and creates some special table to evaluate graffiti, people  will probably destroy “smart vandalism”. Street art has been part of counterculture, but it is slowly becoming part of culture. Works by Banksy are selling in art auction halls around the world, although Banksy doesn’t like it. and smart vandalism are more and more popular and eventually it will move in culture thanks popularity in art business and a loss of its essential ideas. On the other counterculture has always transformed into culture, which has some regulation, so paradoxically street art will regulate itself  at the end. We cannot stop this progress, we can just enjoy strew art in its current form and wait for the next art movement.

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