Problems of fossil fuels – essay



Otázka: Problems of fossil fuels

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Problems of fossil fuels

The human standard of living is still on the rise and it’s only because we are using fossil fuels. This thing called ‘black gold’. Without it we couldn’t go to work or school, we couldn’t have computers and great medicine like today. We couldn’t land on the Moon.

So many people don’t care about thought that we won’t have enough energy for everyone and driving a car will be only for rich people. We have a solution, we have alternative sources of energy such as wind power, solar power, hydropower. All world scientists are trying to found more effective source of energy. The found a new source of energy, hydrogen. They invented cars using this actuator but it is much expensive for ordinary people.

My opinion to this thing is a little bit pessimistic. I think that we have to save up fossil fuels for next generation. The thing that some countries are at war with each other is very alarming. ‘Black gold’ is reason why these countries attack each other. They want petroleum for themselves. Because when some country has sufficient petroleum, it has a growing economy and subsequently can make products for small prices and determines the market prices.

In conclusion, I hope that we will find some cheap alternative source of energy. If we couldn’t I’m scared that during next fifty years most of countries will be at war.

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