Sušice – My town – Essay



Otázka: Sušice – My town

Jazyk: Angličtina – sloh

Přidal(a): Josef Vlček



My town 

I live in medium size city named Sušice. it is nice place with beautiful nature around itself. There are several large hills. For example, Svatobor hill. On the peak of them stand transmitter and lookout tower with restaurant. Or the Hill of guardian angels with chapel on the top.

Sušice lies in Pilsen region (in Klatovy district). It is classified as ORP (it means town with extended rights). Population is around eleven thousand people. Sušice was founded as camp for gold diggers. And in 1260 Czech king Otakar II. promoted village to king’s city.

Near the city flows clear Otava river which is later joining with main Czech river Vltava. Over the river, there are a few bridges. Next to the river are ruins of old city walls. Fun fact: city walls celebrated 700 years since foundation a few weeks ago.

In the past, Sušice was very famous for its industry. Nowadays it is not as good as it used to be. The well-known company named Solo, focusing on the production of matches, was based here. It was recently demolished. There is only one big company. It is PAP, which produces plastic products.

In the town centre is big townhall in the middle of the Svoboda’s square. In front of townhall, there is linden tree memorizing Václav Havel. On the square are many historical buildings including museum and old pharmacy. In the city are three churches, one monastery and two chapels. Also, Sušice has four primary schools (one of them is for special children), SOŠ a SOU and Gymnasium.

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