Teaching English in the kindergarten – maturitní otázka



Otázka: Teaching English in the kindergarten

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Charlotte



A Teaching English in the kindergarten – Učitel angličtiny v mateřské škole

I would like to talk about English in our kindergarten. Parents are wondering if it is a good way to teach young children. I think that is a good idea. Children learn easier and faster. When children play in learning, learning is fun. Children learn with pictures, saying rhymes, dance and sing songs. It is very easy and funy. I think the best age to start teaching English is 4 years.


Early language training is the best investment for the future of the child. It’s also cheaper than the later language courses or annual trips abroad.

Children are in classes divided by age. This affects the educational program. It’s good to have fewer children in the classroom. When fewer children per teacher is teaching very effective. The child is soon oriented in language.


To teaching English in kindergarten are several reasons:

  • It is an ideal time for the first contact with a foreign language.
  • Children easily learn and learning is fun.
  • Easier to teach English to elementary school.
  • Children is learning English memory, thinking and attention.
  • Thus develop communicative competence of the child and formed his expression.
  • English lessons also helps to develop the personality.


English taught by an external teacher. He has taught English in kindergarten and has the necessary pedagogical education and qualifications.


There are many ways to improve teaching. Teachers often lack the necessary information on the methodology. For teachers who are teaching in kindergarten, it is possible to obtain a teacher’s book. Each teacher chooses what it considers best.


I think that it is really necessary to proceed systematically, create a lesson plan and the goals what want to achieve. Repeat curriculum with children and work with parents. Only in this way it is possible to achieve high-quality results. The child must understand the instructions. The teacher must to express themselves in simple sentences and learn the basic vocabulary.

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