The Czech Republic – maturitní otázka (3)



Otázka: The Czech Republic

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): mkubis17




  • Its situated in Central Europe
  • Its border by Poland (north), Germany (west), Austria (south), Slovakia (east)
  • The borders are mainly firmed by mountains:
    • The Giant mountains (Sněžka)
    • The Sumava mountains
    • The Jeseníky mountains
  • The country is divided into 3 parts: Bohemia (Slezsko), Moravia (Morava), and Silesia (Slezsko)
  • There are many highlands (the Bohemia-Moravian highland) and lowlands along the rivers (the longest river is Vltava river – with many dams (Lipno, Orlík)
  • The biggest river is the Elbe River.



  • Since 1993 the CR has a new constitution (ústava)
  • The CR is a parliamentary democratic state with the president as a head of state
  • The parliament consists of his two chamber: the house of Deputies (200) the Senate (81)
  • The head of government is the Prime Minister
  • There are 14 ministers
  • The highest court is the Supreme Court in Brno



  • Blue, red and white
  • There is a blue triangle on the left, white is on the top, red is on the bottom



  • The Czech crown
  • Capital city is Prague
  • Population 10 million people (75% in city)



  • Raw materials – Kladno, Ostrava
  • The CR is dependent on imported gas and oil
  • There are good conditions for agriculture (cattle feeding)



  • The first where the Slavic ancestors
  • The Duke Vaclav (10th century) – the patron saint of the CR
  • Charles IV. (14th century)
  • The modern history: The Worlds Wars (1914-1918; 1938-1945)
  • 1989 – Velvet revolution
  • In 1993 the state was split into two independent states


Place of interest

  • 12 places are on the UNESCO list (several castles, nature sights)
  • The historical centre of Prague, Telč and Český Krumlov
  • The town Kutná Hora
  • The town Třebíč, Žďár nad Sázavou
  • Lednice = Valtice Castle and gardens
  • Vila Tugendhat in Brno
  • Kroměříž, Litomyšl


Famous personalities


  • Jágr, Hašek, Petr Čech, Železný, Špotáková


  • Václav Havel – first Czech president


  • J. Seifert (Nobel Prize 1984)
  • M. Kundera
  • K. Čapek
  • M. Forman


  • Jaroslav Heyrovský (1959 Nobel price)


  • Karel Gott,
  • An. Dvořák, B. Smetana – composers of classical music
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