The Demonata – Lord Loss – maturitní otázka z angličtiny

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Otázka: The Demonata – Lord Loss

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Zeddy



The Demonata

„Lord Loss“ is the first book of „The Demonata“, a ten-book series which will take readers into new worlds and universes, all of them populated or threatened by demons. Lord Loss was written by famous english horror writer- Darren Shan.

The story is set in England. Main character is Grubbs Grady. Grubs is average teenager. A bit bigger and slyer than a lot of boys his age (he loves to play evil). He leads an ordinary life and expects it will always be that way. However, he doesn’t know about his cursed family. One night happened a disaster. In sister’s room was opened magical window and from the window jumped out three demons for a while. Whole his family was killed by demons and only Grubbs survived. He doesn’t understand  the situation, he’s never seen these monsters, he gets crazy. Fortunately, he’s got one more relative. Uncle saved him and took him to his mansion in a countryside.

By his uncel, Grubbs started investigate what happened to his family. He found, that the curse is several thousand years old. Members of his family start turn in werewolfs and demons kill werewolfs. Uncle told him, that demons really exist  and can visit us from the universe . Grubbs knows he is turn, but he doesn’t know when it happens. Fortunately, there is a way how to change it. Uncle’s got magical abilities and magic is only power, which can overturn situation.

Only person, who can heal him is Lord Loss, leader of demons. They try contact Lord Loss by magical power and they found that lord loves play chess. So this is only way. Grubbs has to defeat lord in chess. Uncle created magical window and they enter to the universe full of demons. In the end Grubbs defeated lord and is saved. On the other hand, his uncle stayed in universe. But Grubbs and lord Loss know, that this is not the end.

The story is very gripping, full of monsters, magic and blood. I can recommend it.

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