The Happy Prince and Others Tales



Otázka: The Happy Prince and Others Tales

Jazyk: Angličtina

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Collection of 5 fairy tales:

  • The Happy Prince– Šťastný princ
  • The Nightingale and the Rose- Slavík a růže
  • The Selfish Giant– Sobecký obr
  • The Devoted Friend– Oddaný přítel
  • The Remarkable Rocket– Jedinečná raketa


The story of The Happy Prince is fairy-tale story about golden statue and Little Swallow. Story teaches us how we can help to other people. How important is love or loyalty.



  • Swallow wanted to marry Reed but after a not long time he got know, that will be better to go to Egypt.
  • He rested on gold statue and he befriend with the golden statue called Happy Prince.
  • The Happy Prince told to Swallow his story, how he never got know misery and sadnessà Then he asked Swallow to help mother with her ill son.
  • Help was hidden in ruby from the Prince´s swordà Swallow wanted to go to Egypt and he did not like small boys but he decided to help them.
  • Next day Happy Prince asked Swallow againà This time wanted Happy Prince help to young man, who was poor and he could not write his theatre play.
  • Happy Prince wanted to give him his sapphire eye, but Swallow did not to pluck sapphire out.
  • Swallow helped again and he brought the sapphire to young manà Then Swallow wanted to go to Egypt but Happy Prince asked him if he can stay within one more night.
  • Next day Happy Prince saw small match-girl who has let her matches fall in the gutterà Happy Prince gave her his second sapphire eye. Swallow stayed with Happy Prince because he was blind.
  • Swallow became Prince´s eyes. The Happy Prince begged Swallow to fly over town and look around. He saw hungry and dirty boys and Happy Prince give them leafs of his golden skin.
  • After that was Happy Prince ugly and the Swallow was too much cold but he stayed with Happy Prince and he known that he must die.
  • When the Swallow die Prince´s heart crackedà and Mayor of the town pulled down the statue because he was not beautiful or useful.
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