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Otázka: The regions of the United States

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New England

  • The New England is one of the most historic and culturally rich regions of the USA.
  • The New England was settled by English Puritans in 1620.
    • they sailed from England
    • they wanted to find religious freedom
  • Boston tea party was held there.
  • There are well-known universities as Harvard, Yale and Brown.
  • Because of the mild climate, there are many small farmers.
  • This region is similar to England (Great Britain) and there is a high percentage of white people.
  • The largest city is Boston.
  • There is a beautiful nature. (Appalachian Mountains, sandy beaches)


Mid – Atlantic

  • This region was settled by people from different European countries.
  • The nation’s largest city is New York.
    • NYC is a world center of banking, finance, art, fashion.
    • The main symbols of NY are the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, art galleries, multicultural population.
  • This area is well developed – industrial and economical center (iron, glass and steel.
  • Other important cities are: Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Washington.
  • But in the Mid – Atlantic, there are many hills, fields and farmhouses.
  • The region served as abridge between North and South.


The South

  • The South is the most typical region of the United States region. (for its culture, accent, history)
  • This region was devastated by the Civil War (1861-5)
    • a conflict between the South (which supported slavery) and the North (against slavery)
    • The North won and slavery was abolished. (but racial problems remained)
  • The region has a mild climate suitable for agriculture and is a popular destination for retired people.
  • People are more conservative. (religion, morality)
  • William Faulkner was inspired by this region.
  • There are many national parks. (the most famous is Appalachian trail)



  • The Midwest is known as the nation’s “breadbasket”.
  • In this region is very fertile soil so there are many farmers.
    • Farms are located separate from each other, close to the fields.
    • The most important crops is corn.
  • Most of the Midwest is flat. There are many lakes. (named Great Lakes)
  • Farm family goes to the village or town to attend church and go for social or business meetings.
  • The Mississippi river inspired Mark Twin.
  • The region’s hub is Chicago.


The Southwest

  • The Southwest is the hottest and driest region in the United States with deserts and lovely
    • the Grand Canyon
    • Monument Valley
      • Amazing backdrop for western movies.
      • It is home of the most famous American Indian tribe.


  • There are Indian reservations.
  • Many people from Mexico live in the Southwest. They moved to the region when it was still part of Mexico and they brought Spanish culture there.
  • Las Vegasis a center of gambling – There are many casinos.
  • Other cities are: Oklahoma, Phoenix, Santa Fe
  • They learned to cultivate the dessert.
  • This region is a popular destination for retired people (for hot weather)


The West

  • The West is a large region and a region of scenic beauty.
  • Americans use these areas for recreational activities, such as fishing, hiking, camping.
  • In much of the west, the population is sparse.
  • It was first settled by Spanish missionaries but now has a varied mix of immigrants from all around the world.
  • High mountains run from the north to the south (the Rocky Mountains)
  • California is known for its film industry (Hollywood) and hi-tech and computer industry (Sillicon Valley).
  • Hawaii has the largest ethnic group of Asian Americans.
  • Many people have moved to this region to make a new start. (Western cities are known for their tolerance.)
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