The town where I live or study (Tisova, Vysoke Myto)

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Otázka: The town where I live or study (Tisova, Vysoke Myto)

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): ChazyChaz



First, I’m going to talk about the village I live in called Tisova.

In part two I will be talking about Vysoke Myto which is the town where I study



  • Tisova is situated in Eastern Bohemia in the Pardubice region between Bohemia and Moravia.
  • It is a small village with something about 550 inhabitants. It lies on stream called Labuťka



  • The little I know is that is was founded right after Vysoké Mýto and that there were a lot of trees called Tis in Czech. We have one on our Village Emblem.




  • Facilities for sports in our village are quite limited, but that’s normal considering a village. There’s a sports field which used to be an ice hockey rink in winter and still is used for volleyball in the summer. Next to this sports field is one playing field sometimes used for soccer.  There’s a really nice tennis court and table tennis equipment. We also have indoor sports hall. The hall is fairly old and especially the toilets and showers are gross.

Eating out

  • In our village is only one local pub/restaurant. They serve dinner there and, on some weekends, even lunch. The food is all right but not extraordinary, but their prices are superb comparing to big cities.


  • This is a real sticking point. There’s absolutely nothing from the things you can find in a city. In the summer there’s a outdoor movie theatre twice and a huge party is taking place on the sports field three times per summer holidays. Otherwise there’s almost nothing to do here.


Let’s move onto Vysoké Myto

  • I am currently a student of 4th grade at gymnasium there and I lived there with my family till the age of 6. Also, my grandma’s family comes from there.
  • It was Founded by Přemysl Otakar second in 1265
  • It has really nice historical centre with a lot of nice sights
  • Currently around 12 thousand people live in Vysoké myto
  • We have the biggest square shaped square in Czech rep.
  • There is important road for transport E35 but also train and bus station



  • Vysoke myto has some quite big achievements in sport for example: Athletic club, Kickbox club or even local football and floorball club. As for sport there are many places in Myto where you can go if you want to practice some sport.: swimming pool, tennis court, gyms, stadium, indoor halls
  • To mention other facilities there are a few banks, restaurants, one library, many cafes etc.
  • Schools


Surrounding of the town

  • Meadows
  • Woods
  • Hills
  • Near Eagle mountains


Village x City comparison

Village (+)

  • Your own vegetables
  • Animals like chicken rabbits whatever
  • Peace and quiet (usually xd)

Village ()

  • Can be boring sometimes
  • Transport to school/work
  • Worse services

City (+)

  • Better job opportunities
  • Shopping facilities
  • Live is never dull/ exhibitions, films, more friends
  • Education

City (-)

  • Higher cost of living, street crime, crowds, noise,
  • But Myto is not as big so you won’t find some things there either, Life there isn’t that fast as it is in big cities and I would say

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