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I would like to speak about The United States. At first I would like to tell you something about geography and population. The second part will be about history, political system and Flag and the third part about sport and interesting places in the UK.



  • The USA is situated in the middle of North America. Its neighbours are Canada in the north and Mexico in the south.
  • The USA is the third largest country in the world in both size, and population.
  • There are big variations of climate. Temperatures change from arctic cold in northern Alaska to subtropical warmth in Hawaii and the Gulf Coast States.
  • The capital city is Washington. The largest rivers are the Mississippi and the Missouri. The highest mountain is Mount McKinley in Alaska (6194m),


People, Inhabitants

  • The USA population is about 315,000,000. There are many ethnic groups. Five major ethnic groups: White (81%), Black (13%), Amerindian and Alaska native (1%), Asian (4%), native Hawaiian and other Pacific islanders (0, 2%).
  • Hispanic is not official ethnic group. The main language spoken here is American English. American English differs from British English in vocabulary, pronunciation and spelling.



  • Christians 72%
    • Protestants 50%
    • Catholics 22%
  • Atheists, without faith 21%
  • Jews 1,6%
  • Muslims 0,6%



  • Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. On October 1621 they celebrated a good harvest. They called this day Thanksgiving Day.
  • On July 4, 1776, the United States was born when 13 British colonies in North America declared their independence.
  • In 1789 George Washington became the first President of the United States. In America was Civil War (1861-1865) between north and south.


Political system

  • Federal constitutional republic consisting of 50 states and a federal district (Washington D.C.) + 14 territories, made up mostly in Pacific islands. There are two main political parties. One is The Republicans and the second is Democrats (liberal), The President is Joe Biden.
  • Flag consists of thirteen horizontal stripes of red and white and blue rectangle where are small stars which represent 50 states of the United States of America. Nicknamed of flag is “Stars and Stripes” or “Old Glory”.


Interesting Laws

  • In Alabama … it’s illegal to drive blindfolded.
  • In Arizona … it’s illegal for a donkey to sleep in a bathtub.
  • In Connecticut … a pickle must be able to bounce.
  • In Hawaii … it’s illegal to place a coin in one’s ear.
  • In Kentucky … a woman cannot marry the same man four times.
  • In Montana … it’s illegal to give a rat as a present.
  • In South Dakota … it’s illegal to sleep in the cheese factory.
  • In Tennessee … it’s illegal to share your Netflix password.


National Economy 

  • The main industrial items are manufacturing steel, car industry, electronics, machinery and clothing. The main agriculture products are corn, cotton, tobacco, fruit and vegetables. The USA is rich in coal, copper, gold, iron and oil.


American Dream

  • A belief that everyone can reach freedom, prosperity and success through hard work and courage regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.



  • The main sports in USA are American football, Baseball, Hockey, Basketball. Nowadays in USA is expanded (rozšířený) Football. In USA called soccer.


Interesting Places

  • On the western coast the most well-known places are Los Angeles and San
  • Francisco. Los Angeles is the second largest. Here we can find the famous film centre Hollywood. LA is also the centre of crime.
  • Florida is mainly a tourist area with loud beaches in Miami. Florida also has Disney World and Epcot Centre.
  • There are many national parks in the USA, especially in the Rocky Mountains Region, where there are Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons.
  • Grand Canyon on Colorado River



  • Pop corn, peanut butter, apple pie, turkey, cookies


Current Issues

  • COVID 19
  • Racism
  • Guns – Second Amendment
  • Health
  • Education
  • Donald Trump
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