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Do people travel more these days than they did in the past?

These days, people travel much more than they did it the past.

There are new means of transport, cars and planes have become faster and tickets are cheaper so more and more people can afford to travel to faraway places.

People used to think of travelling to a neighbouring town as something special and visiting the capital as a journey of their lifetime.

Times have changed and it is quite natural to hear something like: “I have just been in Florida for a two-week trip, and in winter we are going on a skiing holiday to the Alps.”


Why do people travel?

When travelling you come across various people, learn about their culture and habits, maybe learn a foreign language, taste foreign cuisines, have a lots of adventure, and compare life in those countries with that in your own country.

Most people like visiting chateaux, castles, palaces, churches and other sightseeing, which is another reason for travelling.


What means of travelling do you know?

There are many ways of travelling.

Let´s start with the most primitive one and maybe the cheapest – you can travel on foot.

Longer walk in the surroundings or a trip can be called travelling.

For shorter distance the bicycle is a good means of transport as it is relatively quick, economical and environmental-friendly.

You can travel by motorbike which is convenient only in the summer.

People travel by car, bus or coach, train, plane or boat.


How is transport in cities arranged?

In cities, transport is provided by different means such as buses, trolleybuses, trams, taxis and even underground or city trains.

Travelling by bus can sometimes be rather uncomfortable but it has constantly been improving.


Which means of transport is the one people use the most?

The car is by far the most popular means of transport.

Travelling by car is fast and comfortable, and we get to our destination without waiting for hours.

There are a number of new roads, motorways and bridges.

Every person involved in transport must observe special rules called the Highway Code.


How can boats and ships help in transport?

On oceans and seas, there are various ocean liners, luxurious steamers and tankers transporting oil, corn and other goods.

Going on a voyage can be a great adventure.

Ports are often used by smaller fishing boats but also by huge ships, and goods are loaded into or out of them.


Do you prefer coach or trains?

I prefer trains.

You can sleep or read, it´s not that hot inside, you can walk if you want.

Coaches are more difficult for me as I feel dizzy and sick.

You can´t move around on a bus and it´s usually very hot inside of there is no air-conditioning.


When can people stay overnight when travelling or when on holiday?

Travellers and holidaymakers can stay in bed and breakfasts, mountain cottages or in hotels.

Guests check in at the reception and are given their key with the room number.

If the hotel porter helps you with your luggage, he expected to be given a tip, the same as the chambermaid who cleans your room.


How are hotel rooms equipped?

The way the rooms are equipped depends on how exclusive the hotel is.

Hotels normally have single, double rooms, or even rooms with more beds.

These days, almost all hotel rooms have a bath-room and toilet, radio, TV set, telephone and sometimes even a fridge.

Rooms are clean and cozy.


Where can hotel guests have their meals and drinks there?

In the hotel, there is also a restaurant where morning, midday and evening meals are served.

Hotel guests normally pay for half or full board.

Hotels often have a café and a night bar where the guests are welcome to have a nice time with some nice music and something nice to drink.


What the modern hotels offer their guests?

In addition, modern hotels have a fitness centre, sauna with solarium, massage centre and a swimming pool.

Attached to the hotel are tennis courts or sports grounds.

Any modern hotel must necessarily have a parking space or garage for guests to leave their cars there without any worries.


What kinds of holidays do you know?

You can go camping which is not very comfortable especially when it´s raining.

There is also the problem of insects getting into your tent, but it´s the cheapest accommodation.

Young people often stay in hotels.

Hotels are the most expensive type of accommodation but also the most comfortable.

Some people go on caravanning holidays. Some holidaymakers prefer activity holidays (skiing, rafting, fishing, hiking, etc.) to lazy holidays on the beach.

When travelling abroad you need your passport, medical insurance, contact numbers (your family, your country´s consulate, etc.), a map, suntan lotion, camera, insect repellent and so on.


Do you prefer sightseeing or lying on a beach?

I would like to have a combination of both; two days of lying on the beach relaxing, reading, sunbathing and doing nothing and then some activity holiday.

Sightseeing is fine as well because you get to know the country better, though I am not an enthusiastic museum-goer.


Do you like work and travel holidays?

That is a good idea to spend your holiday.

You can earn some money, learn the language as you work with people in different country and then you can travel a lot.

I´d love to do one day.

My dream is to go to some english-speaking country and help somewhere and then travel and visit the capital and the country as well.


Are there many foreign tourists in your country?

Some places are really full of them.

There are many foreigners in Prague as it is said to be one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe.

The tourists like the centre of Prague – the Old Town Square with the horologe, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, etc.

Many of them visit Český Krumlov as well because it´s a beautiful old town.

In summer many of them come to Karlovy Vary Film Festival which has quite a good reputation in the world of films.

You can meet many film celebrities there.

There are many foreigners in Olomouc as well.


Which countries have you visited and which ones would you like to visit?

I have been to a few European countries only. Of course I have visited Slovakia. I was there last winter and I must say that the High Tatras are really beautiful.

I have also been to Hungary and in France, England and Croatia, in Germany and in Poland of course.

My dream is to go to Ireland or another country to the north, like Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.


What do tourist like there and what souvenirs do they buy?

Foreign tourists like the Czech Republic as it is quite cheap for them, especially the accommodation and services although Prague becoming more and more expensive.

The Americans for instance are amazed at the atmosphere of our medieval towns, old monuments.

Foreigners in the Czech Republic like our beer, they buy Bohemian cut glasses, jewellery and Czech cakes.

They like visiting the Czech spas and in Olomouc they may taste the typical local cheese with its characteristic revolting smell.

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