Travelling and transport – maturitní otázka (2)



Otázka: Travelling and transport

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Natálie V.


Travelling is a part of our everyday life. Every morning, people travel to work or school. When you live further away from your work or school, you have to travel by train (there are many coaches (vagóny)) or bus to get closer-this is called that you have to commute (dojíždět).  Afterwards, for example in Prague, you can travel by tram or bus or underground to get even closer to your work or school. If you don’t want to use the public transport, you can use your own bike, scooter, or you can go on foot on the pavement.


I personally travel mostly by bus, underground and tramp-public transport. When I’m about to visit my grandparents, I use my dad’s car or we go there with my whole family. I already have my driving license, I went through the whole process of driving school in spring 2019 and I’m very grateful to have it now, it comes very handy.

When you use your own car or car sharing services (an app, you can arrange ride with other people going to same place) you have to own a driving licence, it’s important to keep the speed limit, stop at traffic lights and crossroads etc. so the policemen don’t have to catch you. The disadvantage of going somewhere in car is that you can get stuck in traffic jam.  Another thing is parking-almost everyone owns a car nowadays, so in bigger cities, there’s a big problem with parking-there’s less parking space than cars.

In Prague, there’s one interesting thing on Petřín hill-a funicular. In some cities in Czech Republic, there’s also trolleybus.


Travelling abroad is very popular nowadays. You can travel by train, a ferry (for example to Britain) car or by plane. When you want to travel by plane, you have to buy boarding passes firstly. Sometimes, they can be very cheap. When you take a charter flight rather than a scheduled flight and it’s even cheaper then. You arrive at the airport and you go straight to the check-in desk where the ground-steward gives you a boarding card with the number of your seat. If you gave too much luggage, you can be charged for excess baggage. When it’s too late for a window seat, you have to sit by the aisle. Afterwards, you can go to the departure hall and wait for your flight to be called. Eventually, after a short delay, you are called to the gate number X and boarded on the plane. The captain and his crew welcome the passengers aboard. The plane takes off from the runway and the flight can go smoothly, or there can also be turbulences. You can have meal on the plane, the air stewardess also go around and offer you duty free goods. As soon as the plane lands, you go to the baggage claim area to pick up you luggage. When leaving the airport, you have to go through immigration and customs.

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