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Téma: Two must-see criminal shows

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CSI: Miami, Bones

CSI: Miami that aired on CBS is a show that is quite popular and features a group of investigators from Miami. Another similar show is Bones. This one focuses on identifying victims based on the analysis of bones and tissue.

The two shows are very similar in some aspects.  Both are based on the forensic investigation and solving cases. They are focused on collecting evidence and analysing it. And both go into details about autopsies and profiling the criminal. In both shows, the team of investigators has someone they can completely trust and rely on.

But it isn’t all the same, these shows have some differences.  Bones are closer to the real facts and real events and researchers are not involved in a personal way with the victim. In Bones, the characters are more fun. They can do sad moments but they also can do funny moments. To be honest, CSI is not really based on facts. They have a lot of mistakes in scientific terms and are also portraying scientists going into the field and field agents working in the lab which in real life doesn’t happen. And lastly, CSI characters are way more serious than Bones characters.

To sum up I think that Bones are a bit better than CSI but both are worth watching. And even though in later seasons the critics accused them of predictability, I don’t think they have lost something from their charm.

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