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 Otázka: Could it be worse?

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Could it be worse? (vyprávění o mém nejhorším dnu)

After a long night, when I had learnt, and only 3 hours of sleeping I had to go to school. When I got up, I hit my head and then I spilled a coffee for my homework.

After the terrible beginning of the day I was going to school with a hope, that it will be a good day. Suddenly I tripped and sprained my ankle.  Every other step hurt even more. At school, my day was getting worse. I wrote all the tests badly, got a bad mark for my homework and even the school bar was closed.

At 4 p.m. after the school I was trying to go home. My ankle was so swollen, that I couldn’t even put on a shoe.

Finally when I arrived  home, my mum saw my ankle and took me to the hospital. After a two hours of waiting I got gypsum and I went home. Although I wanted to go to bed, I had to start learning again. And that was the worst day of my life.


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