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American English  vs.  British English


1) Phonetics

  • a different pronunciation of vowels (jiná výslovnost samohlásek)


O             hospital  [o] B.E.                   [a] A.E.

Pronunciation of the final R

B.E.         car          →            silent “r”

A.E.                                         rolling “r”

herb, herbal         [herb]     B.E.

[ǝrb]       A.E.


2) Differences in past participle forms of irregular verbs

B.E.         got                          A.E.         gotten

learnt                                     learned


3) Plurals of irregular nouns

cactus                    cactuses B.E.

cacti A.E.


4) Equivalents   X Synonyms

  • The same meaning (could not be used A.E. and B.E. concurrently)
B.E. A.E.
pavement sidewalls
flat apartment
shop store
lift elevator
bill check
ill sick


5) Subjunctive form (a very progressive form in A.E.)

A.E.         They suggest she smoke S only once a day.

B.E.         They suggest she should smoke…


6) A different usage of auxiliary verbs (Různé použití pomocných sloves)

A.E.         Have you got a brother?

B.E.         Do you have a brother?

The decision to create new rules of spelling was political → America wanted to prove that it was a confident and independent country. (Rozhodnutí vytvořit nová pravidla pravopisu byla politická → Amerika chtěl dokázat, že to byla sebevědomá a nezávislá země.)

The rules were adopted by Noah Webster in a book “The American Spellus”


7) The letters which are not pronounced aren’t spelled either.

B.E.                        A.E.

colour                    color

travelling               traveling

socially                  socialy


8) Letters are written in the order they are pronounced

B.E.                         A.E.

centre                   center

In A.E. there is a shift to words phonetic spelling.


BBC English

  • Queen´s English
  • King´s English


“RP” = posh English

a language used at public schools in Oxford, Cambridge,…

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