Vysočina Region – maturitní otázka z angličtiny


Otázka: The Vysočina Region

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): stiborina



The Vysočina Region is one of 14 member regions. Its located in the Czech Republic. In The Vysočina are 703 member cities and villages and about 710 000 people .

Our region was found in 2001 but in 2011 it was renamed for The Vysočina.

The highest point of this region is Javořice. It’s 837 m high.


In this region there are a lots of interesting places. For example museums, churches and another monuments. Very nice place is the church of John Nepomuk in Zelena Hora (Green Mountain).

The capital is in Jihlava and it’s the largest town of this region. In this town we can visit for example Zoo with many animals and two swimming pool for relax. The most interesting town is the historical Telč. It’s very beautiful town for everyone! There is the nice castle with lovely garden, churches and the square with lots of old houses and in the middle of the square is the marble statue. Near Telč is town Třešť where was born our very popular actor Otto Šimánek. He played in film “Mr. Tau”. The town Pelhřimov is very popular too for the museum of records.


There are lots of secondary and primary schools, but there are only one high school in Jihlava call The College of Polytechnics.

The unemployment is growing, but there are some big companies such as BOSH or ČEZ. We often move to bigger cities for work.. But we have got lots of possibilities of festivals, sports and culture. The popular festival is Bernard fest in Humpolec. We can go to the cinemas or theatre in Jihlava.

The health-services are very good. In each bigger town in one hospital.


In my opinion, very big advantige is beatiful landscape but on the other hand young people must move in some bigger cities for study and there are’t lots of companies for work. It’s negative for people who live here.

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